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Student of the Year 2 Movie Review

User Rating: 2.12
Student of the Year 2 Review

Average Ratings:2.12/5
Score: 30% Positive
Reviews Counted:10

Ratings:.2/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site: News18

The Student of the Year franchise is to film-goers what iOS updates are to Apple users – the latest one doesn’t seem like a big improvement on the last, and nobody asked for a new one yet they keep putting out more. that giving us Alia Bhatt is what we’ll remember the first Student of the Year for. The new film? I’m not so sure.I’m going with two out of five for Student of the Year 2. It isn’t unwatchable, it’s just unnecessary.

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Ratings:. Review By: Anupama Chopra Site: Filmcompanion

In my review of Student of the Year, I had said that Karan’s films work as both designer porn and soap opera. Punit gets the designer porn bang on but the drama and emotion is sorely missing. Any hurdles that the plot sets up are smoothed over in a few scenes. At one point, Rohan breaks down in his mother’s arms but Punit doesn’t hold here perhaps because that would make Tiger appear too vulnerable. Cut to Rohan’s mother providing a life lesson and Rohan finding the strength to battle the brats of St. Teresa. Shreya has daddy issues which are also resolved in exactly one scene. The narrative is painfully simplistic – it’s all about class conflict but the rich are lonely and curdled while the middle-class folks are loving and supportive. Which allows us to ogle at the shiny cars and clothes but still have the satisfaction of feeling morally superior.

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Ratings:. Review By: Komal Nahta Site: Zee ETC Bollywood Business

On the whole, Student Of The Year 2 is not a worthy sequel to SOTY. Yet, it will do fair business at the box-office due to great action, some interesting twists in the plot, and lovely dances. Because of fantastic recoveries from sale of satellite, digital and music rights, its overall report card will be positive.

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Ratings:.1.5/5 Review By: Raja Sen  Site: Hindustan Times

Irony is in predictably short supply. In this laminated depiction of college life, the boy is capable of all superheroics as the girls cheer him from the sidelines. At some point an actress, whose wardrober definitely worked harder than she, wears a skirt with the words “Need No Stylist” printed across it. Directed by Punit Malhotra — who once made the insufferable I Hate Luv Storys — this attempt at Archie Comics wants to be frothy but emerges merely aerated. The film exists exclusively to flaunt Tiger Shroff’s physique.

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Ratings:.1.5/5 Review By: Shubhra  Site: Indian Express

The running time is too long for what is, essentially, yet-another-buffed-up-version of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander crossed with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. This class of 2019 has predictable beats, which is to be expected in an underdog story, but that it is so stilted is disappointing.

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Ratings:.1.5/5 Review By: Saibal  Site: NDTV

This is brainlessly breezy fare wrapped in gloss that wears off quickly. It is sad to see such silly stuff being palmed off as teen entertainment. Even more dispiriting is the fear that Student Of The Year 2 might actually end up finding enthusiastic takers. The film blows hot and cold through two and a half hours of unmitigated fluff. Beautiful bods and cool musical acts are poor recompense for the sheer lack of substance.Student Of The Year 2 flunks every test on the parameters of both writing and crafting. For a genuine lover of Hindi popular cinema, it is more trauma than drama.

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Ratings:.3/5 Review By: Meena  Site: DNA

SOTY 2 lacks emotion. The linear, soulless, story-telling is tepid. The only time you open your eyes is to ogle at Tiger Shroff.Apart from Will Smith’s miss-if-you-blink appearance, watch SOTY (2) for Tiger. Even when things around him are caving in, his ballerina grace is intact. One star in the rating is reserved for Tiger.

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Ratings:.3/5 Review By: Ambica  Site:Khaleej Times

Overall SOTY2 works because of the earnest performances from all four lead actors who are ably supported by some excellent actors in other side roles -specially Rohan’s Pishori friends. It might come across as all fluff and not much soul but the pretty faces more than compensate. If you are a fan of KJo’s feel good movies detached from reality, then SOTY2 is for you. Student of the Year 2

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Ratings:.3/5 Review By: Ronak Kotecha  Site: Times Of India

A lot of drama and action remains out of the classroom, with focus on sports, dance and romance, but the chemistry between Tiger and the two debutantes never really takes off. Even with so many conflicts, competitions and confrontations, the film’s narrative remains light and quite focused on the overall visual appeal that often hampers the seriousness of the story. Overall, this chapter doesn’t have much of that ishq wala love, but there is ample dosti, kabaddi and cool stuff to keep you going. Think of it as a much snazzier version of ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander’ minus the realism.

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Ratings:.1.5/5 Review By: Umesh  Site: Koimoi

It follows the traditional format of casting beautiful characters, give them no strong content, make sure they are pleasing to your eyes & pain to your a**. The action sequences which weren’t required at all, are smoothly choreographed and might find a place in any of the other Tiger movies. It’s disappointing to see a very entertaining Student Of The Year getting such a second-rate sequel.All said and done, I don’t mind cheesy Dharma movies (loved the part 1) but this one is just a needless sequel. They could’ve titled this as ‘Not-A-Student Of The Year’, and still, it would’ve have been equally bad.

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Student of the Year 2 Story:

A college student faces down school bullies while competing in track and field.

Student of the Year 2 Release Date:

May 10, 2019 ( India)

Student of the Year 2 Cast:

Tiger Shroff
Tara Sutaria
Ananya Panday

Punit Malhotra

Karan Johar
Hiroo Yash Johar
Apoorva Mehta
Fox Star Studios 

Run Time: 2 hour 25 Minutes

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