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Sultan 35th Day Box Office Collection Fifth Tuesday Worldwide Report

Sultan 35th Day  Box Office Collection  Fifth Monday Worldwide Report

 Sultan 30th Day  Box Office Collection  Fourth Week Worldwide Report

On Fifth Tuesday Salman Khan’s Sultan stayed at the same levels as on Monday and has crossed 300 Crores as per producer figures ( shared by Yash Raj Films) however it is still below 300 as per Trade figure.

Fifth Tuesday:
0.16 Crore   Trade Figure

0.16 Crore Producer figure

Sultan Total till now:
299.81 Crore  Trade Figure
300.06 Crore Producer figure

583 Crores gross

Sultan will cross 300 Crores. as per Trade sometime this week itself

Sultan’s Worldwide gross will end below 600 Crores

Rs 163 Crore

Fifth Monday:
0.16 Crore   Trade Figure

0.16 Crore Producer figure

Fifth Sunday:
0.78 Crore   Trade Figure
0.78 Crore Producer figure

Third Weekend:
1.51 Crores Trade Figure
1.51 Crore Producer figure

$24.2 Million or Rs 162.1 Crore

Fifth Saturday
0.49 Crore   Trade Figure
0.49 Crore Producer figure

Sultan is headed to cross 300 Crores somewhere during this fifth week

On its Fifth Saturday collections doubled from its fifth friday and continued the same trend on Sunday.

Fifth Saturday to Fifth Sunday jump is a very good 50 % again.

This however remains the last week when Sultan will be able to collect as teh big clash next week is going to shut the doors on Sultan.

Fifth Friday
0.24 Crore   Trade Figure
0.24 Crore Producer Figure

Fourth Week: 
4.43 Crore Trade Figure
4.43 Crore Producer Figure

Fourth Thursday
0.33 Crore  Trade Figure
0.33 Crore Producer figure

Fourth Wednesday
0.34 Crore Trade Figure
0.34 Crore Producer figure

Fourth Tuesday
0.36 Crore Trade Figure
0.36 Crore Producer figure

Fourth Monday
0.34 Crore Trade Figure
0.34 Crore Producer figure

Fourth Friday:
0.57 Crore Trade Figure
0.57 Crore Producer figure

Fourth Saturday:
0.98 Crore Trade Figure
0.98 Crore Producer figure

Fourth Sunday:
1.51 Crore Trade Figure
1.51 Crore Producer figure

In overseas Sultan has crossed My Name is Khan and is  5th Highest All time in Overseas  Sultan will add more to its   overseas gross when it will be released in other countries in phase 2 and phase 3.

Overseas ( Three Weeks)
$23.09 Million or 154.1 Crore

Worldwide ( Three Weeks)
562.77 Crore  gross

Here is overseas breakup till three weeks for major countries

In USA & Canada Sultan grossed $6.026 Million or Rs 40.18 Crores

In UAE & Gulf Sultan has reached $8.311 Million or Rs 55.42 Crores

In Pakistan  Sultan has a total of $3.02 Million  or Rs 20.14 Crores

In UK & Ireland Sultan has grossed $2.23 Million  or Rs 14.87 Crores

on Fourth Friday Dishoom has taken most of the screens and Sultan could fall below 1 Crore for first time in 24 days

Third Thursday Day 23 India
1.05 Crore Trade Figure
1.05 Crore producer figure

Total till date:
293.31 Crore Trade Figure
293.8 Crore producer figure

Total Third Week:
15.8 Crore Trade Figure

Sultan has crossed Dhoom 3 to be worldwide no 3 in terms of bollywood movie   on highest grossing bollywood movies of all time worldwide list  .

Sultan is 3rd highest grossing movie of 100 Crores Club behind only PK, and Bajrangi Bhaijaan

Day wise breakup

Third Wednesday Day 22 India
1.15 Crore Trade Figure
1.15 Crore producer figure

Third Tuesday Day 21 India
1.25 Crore Trade Figure
1.25 Crore producer figure

Third Monday Day 20 India
1.3 Crore Trade Figure
1.3 Crore producer figure

Overseas 19 days
$22.57 Million or Rs 151.92 Crore gross

Third Weekend
11.05 Crore trade Figure
11.09 Crore producer figure

Third Sunday Day 19 India
5.14 Crore Trade Figure
5.14 Crore producer figure

Third Saturday Day 18 India
3.81 Crore Trade Figure
3.81 Crore producer figure

Third Friday Day 17 India
2.1 Crore Trade Figure
2.14 Crore producer figure

$21.65 Million

Day Wise breakup

Second Thursday Day 16 India
3.5 Crore Trade Figure
3.51 Crore Producer Figure

Second Wednesday Day 15 India
3.41 Crore Trade Figure
3.42 Crore Producer Figure

Day 14 India:

3.7 Crore Trade Figure
3.72 Crore Producer Figure
Day 13 India
 4.05 Crore Trade Figure
 4.08 Crore Producer Figure

Day 12 India
15.15 Crore Trade Figure
15.18 Crore Producer Figure

Daywise Breakup

Day 11 India
11.45 Crore Trade Figure
11.46 Crore  Producer Figure

Day 10 India

7.4 Crore Trade Figure
7.43 Crore  Producer Figure

Day 9 India
9.5 Crore Trade Figure
9.52 Crore  Producer Figure
Day 8 India
10.8 Crore Trade Figure
10.82 Crore  Producer Figure

Day 7 India
12.9 Crore Trade Figure
12.92 Crore  Producer Figure

Day 6 India
15.5 Crore Trade Figure
15.54 Crore  Producer Figure

Day 5 India
38.2 Crore Trade Figure
38.21 Crore + Producer Figure

Day 4 India
36.6 Crore Trade Figure

36.62 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3
31.6 Crore Trade Figure

31.67 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2 :
37.32 Crore Producer Figure.
37.25 Crore Trade Figure.

Day 1 : 
36.5 Crore Trade Figure.
36.54 Crore Producer Figure.

2 Days Worldwide :

122.83 Crore (Sultan overseas breakup here)

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Sultan  Budget

Sultan   Budget is 90 Crores without Salman Khan’s Salary as shared officially  by Yash Raj Films

Production Cost: 70 Crores ,
Prints & Advertising Cost 20 Crores.

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