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Kabali Budget & First Day Box Office Collection : Highest ever

Kabali Budget & First Day Box Office Collection

Kabali Budget & First Day Box Office Collection

Kabali had the highest ever day 1 with total collections at 43.7 Crore nett

Tami Nadu: 20.5 Crore
Andhra/ Nizam: 7.25 Crore
Karnataka: 7 Crore
Kerala: 3.75 Crore
Kabali Hindi version : 3.1 Crore
Rest of India: 2.1 Crore ( Tamil and Telugu version screened across rest of India )

As per Fox Star for North India  Kabali had a 5.2 Crore nett in( Hindi +tamil + Telugu) Producer Figure.

The Tamil Nadu numbers nett and gross are same and in other states also tax rates are different so it cannot be compared directly to Hindi movies

In hindi version kabali collected around 3 Crore nett which is lower than Baahubali’s 4.75 Crore day 1.

Worldwide Gross for Kabali is estimated to be higher than 80 Crore making it higher than Baahubali which had a worldwide gross of 70 Crore.

Day 1 Tamil Nadu gross 20.5 crores Producer Figure ( nett and gross ) would be same there as no entertainment tax for local movies

Day 1 of Kabali in Tamil Nadu is highest ever in the history of Tamil movies

Kabali beat baahubali and Sultan to have highest opening day for an Indian movie in USA to cross  $2 Million

In hindi belt Kabali has opened higher than Madari

Kabali has opened at 15% in hindi belt for the dubbed version

Tamil version of Kabali opening in Delhi/NCR , Mumbai, Kolkotta and Pune has opened housefull

Kabali   Overseas

Kabali  has opened to a huge $1.923 Million or 12.93 Crores in USA in just Thursday Premiers which is a record for any Indian movie in USA beating Baahubali comfortably.

USA distributor of Kabali would be profit just by Saturday

Kabali   Budget

Kabali   Budget is 90 Crores all inclusive

Kabali   Screens

Approx 4000 screens Worldwide and around 1000 screens in hindi belt

Kabali   Pre Release Business

Kabali’s pre release business is close to 200 Crore

For Hindi Belt  Fox Star India  has the rights for  Rs 15.5 crore and will release in 1000 screens.

Karnataka rights have been sold to Rockline Venkatesh for Rs 12 crore

In Kerala all rights are with Mohanlal’s Maxlab for Rs 10 crore

For Andhra & Telangana all rights have been sold to Abhishek Pictures for Rs 32 crore

For Tamil Nadu all rights are with Jazz Cinemas for Rs 60 crore

Satellite & Audio Rights have been sold for Rs 40 crore

Overseas – Rs 35 crore (Malaysia & Singapore – Rs 12 crore, USA & Canada – Rs 8.5 crore, others- 14.5 crore)

Kabali   Hit or Flop

Kabali should  do a business of 200 Crores to be called a hit.

Kabali should do more than 35 Crores to be called a hit in Hindi belt.

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