1920 London , One Night Stand Budget Box Office Collections

1920 London , One Night Stand & Traffic Budget Box Office Collections

1920 London , One Night Stand Budget Box Office Collections

1920 London

Second Monday
0.25 Crore  Trade Figure
0.29 Crore  Producer Figure

13.47 Crore  Trade Figure
14.25 Crore nett Producer Figure

$250,000 or Rs 1.67 Crore gross

Second Weekend
1.5 Crore  Trade Figure
1.51 Crore  Producer Figure

First Thursday
0.9 Crore  Trade Figure
1 Crore nett Producer Figure

First Wednesday
0.97 Crore  Trade Figure
1.07 Crore nett Producer Figure

First Tuesday
1.1 Crore  Trade Figure
1.2 Crore nett Producer Figure

First Monday
1.25 Crore  Trade Figure
1.41 Crore nett Producer Figure

First Weekend:
1920 London:
7.5 Crore  Trade Figure

One Night Stand:
2.25 Crore Trade Figure

2 Crore Trade Figure

1920 London performed fairly well as it took advantage of being a sequel of 1920 series and did manage to hurt Baaghi.

If 1920 was promoted a little bit better and had a open week it could have done even more

Traffic  also saw a huge growth in business but still managed a low weekend

Baaghi in its second week was higher than all these movies.

Unfortunately for hindi movies sum of collections of all hindi movies Baaghi + 1920 London + Traffic + One Night Stand was lower than  Captain America 3 civil war.

Disappointment was for Sunny Leone whose movie was 4th in this crowded weekend.

The Citically acclaimed traffic was the last of these

The Good part is that all these movies have very low budget but recovery of even these would prove to be difficult

1920 London  Budget

1920 London Budget is 12 Crores all inclusive and would need to hit 18 Crores to be called a hit

One Night Stand  Budget

One Night Stand also had an all inclusive budget of 14 Crore

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