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Box Office: Gabbar is Back Buzz, Budget and Economics.

Gabbar is Back Economics

Gabbar is Back Budget: 72 Crores (inclusive of print s and advertising)

60 Crore Production Budget and 12 Crores prints and advertising costs

Co producer Viacom has sold the satellite rights for Rs 28 Crore and has sold the music and overseas rights for Rs 13 Crore.

India Theatrical rights have been sold by Viacom to Ajay devgan’s close associate  Kumar Mangat who is also a producer at a price of Rs 42 Crore.

The rights have been sold to Kumar Mangat as part of a combo deal including the movie Dharam Sankat where the cost of Gabbar is Back is 35 Crore and Dharam Sankat is 7 Crore.

Daharam Sankat has already released and flopped and has lost Kumar Mangat roughly 2 Crores.

Gabbar is Back will be profitable it fetches a distributor share of Rs 37 Crore to Kumar mangat which means that it should do a business of Rs 75 Crore at a minimum in India.

Pre Release Expectations:

Gabbar is back is releasing with very high expectations from the trade .

It is expected that it should beat the opening day  records  of Roy and also hollywood movies Fast and Furious and
 Avengers to have the highest opening of 2015.

First day expectations is a minimum of Rs 10-12 Crore.

All the movies including Baby who have worked till now in 2015 have only been successes only at big cities and multiplexes  and this has caused enormous losses to small cities distributors and exhibitors.

There are no universal successes in 2015 and the best hope they have is that Gabbar is back should be successful and will ensure that Bollywood makes universal movies and doesn’t restrict itself to niches.