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Nightcrawler Review

Nightcrawler Rating: 3.75/5

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Nightcrawler English Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN

There’s a nice turn from Riz Ahmed as a young homeless man who becomes Lou’s ‘intern’, and Bill Paxton as a rival cameraman. But this is Gyllenhaal’s show, and he steals it with a cold, unsettling portrayal of a modern day monster. I’m going with three-and-a-half out of five for ‘Nightcrawler’. For his performance alone, this film deserves to be watched.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site: Film Companion
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Renuka Vyavahare Site:Times Of India (TOI)

Made with a modest budget, the film highlights the devious tricks of contemporary crime journalism. It lets fear engulf your mind with its threatening silence, dangerous chase sequences, creepy nights and a creepier protagonis. Other than being noirish, Nightcrawler also works as a social satire. It mocks the voyeurism and lack of ethics that the media often shamelessly exhibits. The cinematography is another asset. First-time director Dan Gilroy must be lauded for his edgy execution. Nightcrawler is tense and appalling, yet strangely funny, intriguing and engaging at the same time. Watch it.

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Ratings:5/5 Review By: Paloma Sharma Site:Rediff

Perhaps what keeps one glued to Nightcrawler is the marvel that one is bound to feel at one’s inability to dislike such a clearly diabolic character. There’s something beguilingly vulnerable in the wide blue eyes of Louis Bloom and though you will find him likeable at first, its his (and Gyllenhaal’s) ability to gain your trust that will leave you disturbed.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Shalini Langer Site:Indian Express

Nightcrawler’ is no ‘Taxi Driver’, and Lou while a reflection of our full and empty times isn’t really a product of it. There’s something clearly unhinged about him, and it comes from deep within rather than anything outside. Still Gyllenhaal does a marvellous turn as the guy sitting in day in, day out alone at home, ingesting all kinds of information from the Net, emptying everything else out, carefully ironing his one good shirt. He wears a disarming smile and a loud laugh, and yet barely hidden contempt bubbles just underneath.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Navin Noronha Site:Bookmyshow

There aren’t a lot of movies like Nightcrawler out there. The concept is fresh, the characters are well-etched and the pacing is rather perfect. The best thing about the movie is the fact that it can be watched time and again, and it will still manage to haunt you afterwards.

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