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Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl  Rating: 3.8/5

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Gone Girl Movie Review

Ratings:4/5 Review By: Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN

The film – part whodunit, part commentary on modern marriage – starts off as a conventional suspense story before it slowly begins to reveal itself as something much more daring.Despite having read and thoroughly enjoyed the book already, I found Fincher’s film gripping and handsomely mounted, and still packing a few nice surprises. Gone Girl doesn’t have the enduring appeal of one of my favorite Fincher films, The Social Network, but it’s a bloody good way to spend two and a half hours of your time. I’m going with four out of five. Don’t miss it.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Raja Sen Site: Rediff

Gone Girl is a finely-made frustration, often too polished for its own good. It’s almost as exasperating as trying to write the review for a mystery without giving anything away. For those who have read the book, all you really need to know is that Fincher criminally sucks the life out of the ‘Cool Girl’ monologue. For the rest, this is a solid mystery film that falls short of greatness. In a nutshell, to quote Nick’s magazine-writerly complaint about Amy’s diary, it rests on too convenient an endnote.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site: Filmcompanion
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Ratings:4.5/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site: Times Of India (TOI)

David Fincher (The Social Network, Fight Club, Se7en, etc.) and screenwriter Gillian Flynn (on whose novel the movie is based) have hit the bulls-eye. The story is told mainly with two perspectives up to a point. Nick returns home on the day of their wedding anniversary to a shocking scene. Evidence of a violent struggle abounds. His wife is gone. What’s more disturbing is that the story of Nick and Amy could be a study of any married couple in love with their own projection of a soulmate rather than who their partner really is. This is a ‘missing person’ story turned completely on its head. Do not miss this one.

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Tanaya Ramani Site: Bookmyshow

There is not a single dull moment in the film. Accompanied by the brilliant cinematography of Jeff Cronenweth and the haunting background score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, David Fincher has once again given us a perfect thriller. It might sound a tad cheesy, but how can you miss a David Fincher film? Do we seriously need a reason here? Based on the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl is the perfect thriller you are craving for. Watch it for Rosamund Pike’s impeccable performance. Enough said.

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Ratings:– Review By: Deepanjana Paul Site: Firstpost

For better or for worse, in India, we see Gone Girl without distractions like s**. This means we follow a story and that’s where things get both interesting and disturbing. The twists in Gone Girl the film aren’t as gasp-inducing as they are in the novel upon which it’s based. But Fincher’s version is significantly more twisted than the book.

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    Miss it…and you will miss it! [4/5]

    She is a Type A. She is a decorated scholar, bright and kind in personality. 5 years in the institution called marriage and still, you wouldn’t notice a single line of discontentment on her highly proud forehead. She is the ‘amazing Amy’ her proud parents has based their bedtime-story series on. She herself is a writer with almost no friends in the quite friendlier town of Missouri. She is missing from her house, under suspicious circumstances.

    He is a Type B. He is a writer too but the mean times of recession have had him quite bad. His double-chinned face has a villainous impression, according to his wife of 5 years. He’s lethargically casual, wittily complaining and looks hardly convinced about his wife & marriage. He is the prime suspect behind his wife’s disappearance, possibly murdered by now.

    David Fincher is back in theatres with GONE GIRL- a relentlessly engaging missing-drama that never approves you sitting quietly through any of its chain of events. The incredulity in the character you had just made likeable to you and your own sense of judgment getting activated soon after the air gets clear keeps you in an unsettling mood & mode of ‘What might have happened?’ to ‘What actually has happened?”.

    Adapted for the screen from the bestselling novel by screenwriter Gillian Flynn, GONE GIRL is more of a psychological drama than a crime-thriller. One fine morning on his Fifth marriage anniversary, Nick [Messily cool & composed Ben Affleck] returns to his home to find his wife Amy [Mysteriously ‘a treat-to-eyes’ Rosamund Pike] missing. Before the local detectives [Kim Dickens plays one of the two] could actually give the investigation a demanding pace comes the frenzied whirl of media to cover the story. It takes no time to trace the disrespect, missing love, dishonesty and the tense-air between the two in the married life. Rest follows the twisted plot, diverse perspectives to events and a layer-on-layer dissection of the most researched and widely conversed social school of commitment i.e. marriages!

    Taking from the original work of fiction, David creates a parallel narrative of one in present with Nick getting plunged into the proceedings of investigation, while the other goes back in regular intervals to revisit the good old times of romance blooming in the air. David successfully hammers on the role of media and the broaden technology juicing the best they want. When the mother announces a dedicated website & hotline number to find any clue of her missing daughter, you sure find yourself in the midst of generous giggling and joining it with equal force.

    With a haunting background score and commendably cinematographed scenes, GONE GIRL gels well with absolutely in-sync performances of Affleck and Pike both. Affleck with his paunchy, weathered, sluggish look and the contagious resilience in attitude delivers his most pitiable yet pretentious character on screen. Pike surprises you with the most being unforeseen and undercover due to the twists in the plot. I wish I could unravel more to add more to illustrate her part here. In short and sweet, it’s a stellar.

    And the final word on the film! GONE GIRL is one the best thrillers, this year! No doubt on that. The duration and the pace could sure make you shifting eyes from the screen but the finesse in the storytelling and the craftsmanship involved will pay you back of your every single penny spent on it. Missing this ‘Missing Story’ is not recommended! [4/5]

  2. Always wanted to watch this movie !! 🙂

  3. Gone Girl is David Fincher doing Alfred Hitchcock, complete with a (possibly) wrongly accused man, a (possibly) icy blonde femme fatale, unexpected plot twists that turn everything inside out, and heavy dollops of misanthropy (definitely) and misogyny (possibly). Deeply cynical, darkly funny, sometimes brutal, very powerful filmmaking that may make you a little queasy, but will almost certainly entertain you to no end. For my detailed review, please visit……….http://rohitmoviereview.blogspot.in/

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