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Kick Twenty Two Days Box Office Collection: Slows Down

Kick Twenty Two Days Box Office Collection 

Salman Khan in Kick

Day 22 Collection
42 Lacs (Trade Figure)
59 lacs  (Producer Figure)

22 Days Total:
214.58 Crore Nett (Trade Figure)
229.65 Crore Nett   (Producer Figure)

352.39 Crore gross ( Trade Figure)
373.28 Crore (producer Figure)

Kick has now been  reduced to very few screens and shows across the country post the release of Singham Returns.

Kick is now entering end of run and will collect very low numbers from hereon.

Kick is now number 2 on 100 Crore movies in India.

Kick is number 4 on all time Top 10 Bollywood Movies Worldwide list.

Kick has beaten Chennai Express and is now 2nd Highest Grossing movie of All time in India behind Dhoom 3 by both Trade and Producer Figure.

In worldwide collections Kick is however less than Chennai Express due to lower performance in overseas.

Kick is now highest grossing Salman Khan film in India as well as worldwide.

Kick now has $11 Mn  Gross in overseas and is in All Time Top 10 in overseas however it is well short of Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 in overseas.

Day Wise Collections Breakup

Week 3:
Day 21:
Rs 64 lacs ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.04 Crore (Producer Figure)

Day 20 Collection:

Rs 84 Lacs ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.1 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Tuesday:
Rs 92 Lacs ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.35 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Monday
Rs 1 Crore ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.69 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Sunday
Rs 3.31 Crore ( Trade Figure)
Rs 3.92 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Saturday
2.27 Crore (Trade Figure)
2.94 Crore (Producer Figure )

Third Friday:
1.97 Crore (Producer Figure)
1.69 Crore ( Trade Figure)

Week 2:
3.8 Crore

3.89 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
3.91 Crore ( Producer Figure)

3.97 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
4.21 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Monday Collection:
4.73 Crore ( Trade Figure)
5.08 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Sunday: 13.53 Crore nett Trade Figure
Sunday: 14.18 Crore nett Producer Figure
Friday: Rs 8.32 Crore (Trade Figure)
Friday: Rs 9.22 Crore (Producer Figure)
Saturday: Rs 10.62 Crore (Producer Figure)
Saturday:  Rs 9.72 Crore (Trade Figure)

Second weekend:
31.57 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
34.02 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Week 1:
Producer figure breakup:
Thursday: Rs 15.4 Crore

Wednesday: 21.66 Crore
Tuesday: 28.89 Crore

Monday : 14.41 Crore
Sunday: 30.18 Crore
Saturday 27.15 Crore
Friday: 26.4 Crore

Trade figure breakup:
Thursday: 8.32 Crore
Wednesday: 20.33 Crore

Tuesday: 26.02 Crore
Monday : 13.16 Crore
Sunday: 30.04 Crore

Saturday 25.98 Crore
Friday: 25.99 Crore

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