Filmistaan Monday Box Office Collection:does better than Friday

Filmistaan Box Office Collection

Total 3.19 Crore

Day 1 Collection: 51 Lakhs
Day 2 Collection: 1.04 Crore
Day 3 Collection: 1.1 Crore
Monday: 54 lacs

Though Filmistaan increased its collection daily based on good reviews and word of mouth but complete lack of awareness and a clash with Holiday has hurt the movie very badly.

Filmistaan with lack of any promotion  and stars opened  at very Low figure.

Though the word of mouth and reviews are very good it chose a very poor release strategy of clashing with a biggie.

Clash with Holiday and poor promotion means that movie that the movie is completely dependent on word of mouth and it remains to be seen where does it head to.

The biggest problem for Filmistan is lack of awareness about the movie

This Friday Filmistaan was the 3rd choice at the box office with Holiday and Tom Cruise ‘e Edge of Tomorrow both leading it by a huge distance.

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