Kick Box Office Collection Territorial Breakdown

Kick Box Office Collection Territorial Breakdown 

Second Day:
Kick had a jump in Gujarat today

Kick first day state and circuit wise territorial breakdown.

Kick was excellent in East Punjab recording the third highest figures of all time after Dhoom 3 and Ek Tha Tiger.

Kick had a phenomenal first day in Rajasthan as it recorded the second best day ever. The figures were a little less than Dhoom 3 but more than Ek Tha Tiger and Chennai Express.

The early expectations on Friday were for the first business to exceed 30 crore, but the film slowed down in Delhi/ UP and Nizam especially

Kick Territorial Breakdown:

Mumbai :- 8.68 cr
Delhi/UP :- 5.40 cr
East Punjab (EP) :- 2.62 cr
CP-Berar :- 1.43 cr
CI :- 0.98 cr
Rajasthan :- 1.97 cr
Nizam :- 1.20 cr
Mysore :- 1 cr
West Bengal :- 0.98 cr
Bihar : 0.70 cr
Assam :- 0.25 cr
Orissa :- 30 cr
Tamil Nadu/Kerala :- 0.31 cr
Others :- 17 lakhs
Total  :- 25.99 Crore

Day 1 India
26.4 Crore ( Producer Figure)
25.99 Crore ( Trade Figure)