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Bullet Raja Worldwide Box Office Collections ( Hit ya Flop)

Bullet Raja Worldwide Box Office Collections

Bullett  Raja Two Week (Fourteen Days) Till date box office Collections

Trade Figure:
Total Two Week Box Office Collections in India :
Rs 34.17 Crore Nett 
Lifetime: Rs 40 Crore ( Expected)

It collapsed in Week 2  collecting only 4.04 crores

Budget:  Rs 60 Crore
Cost of Production Rs 50 Crore and Prints + Prints and advertising cost Rs 10 Crore.

$ 912,257  or approx Rs 5.68 Crore Gross

Note: Bullett Raja got a 15+ rating and lost a lot of audience internationally due to this and it also did  not release in Pakistan

Box Office Verdict: Flop
The Movie will enatil losses for everyone involved

Total Worldwide Gross: Rs 45.75 Crore

Note: Producers figure not shared for this movie

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  1. i like the movie … Aayeange tooo garmi barayangeee …. Nice punches

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Bullet Raja is a movie Which has done a great collection To read Total Box office Collection Bullet Raja visit http://bharatdeshmahan.com/day-18th-bullet-raja-box-office-collection-3rd-monday-report/

  4. keep trying , never let the hope

  5. saif simply rocks!!!! <3

  6. saif is the best. and people who think he tortures the audience please lock those idiotic comment in your ass! and his acting rocks.. let me tell you he is one of the leading actors in bollywood so please just shut up!! he simply rocks.. and yeah, hit or flop is a part of life. and even if 10 people must have gone to see bullet raja, thats only because of serif

  7. *saif

  8. Bullet raja was a great movie

  9. I have watched it for several times,this movie is awesome guys,it is a must watch stuff.

  10. I cannot understand the audience sometimes. Monotonous films like 'jai ho' become hit, but movies with more substances like Bullet Raja become flops. I really enjoyed this movie… Fast pace and catchy music.

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