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Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3 Rating: 3.7/5

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Iron Man 3 Movie Review

Rajeev Masand didn’t review Iron Man 3 this week
Ratings:4/5  Review By:  Renuka Vyavahare  Site:Times of India (TOI)

Black breathes new life into the franchise while retaining its trademark charm. He keeps the film vastly different from Jon Favreau’s previous installments by adding his own brand of action-humour and twists. Black combines spectacular action, comedy and drama to get you entertained and emotionally invested in his characters.From the jaw-dropping attack on Stark’s Malibu estate, his brand-new prehensile armour, to a mind-blowing airborne rescue scene, Iron Man 3 is every bit the superhero blockbuster you’d expect it to be. Just do not leave the theatre once the closing credits start rolling! Note: You may not like the film if you find solo super-hero films tedious post ‘The Avengers’!

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Ratings:4/5  Review By:  Anupama Chopra  Site:Star World

Iron Man 3 reversed the clock and made me into a child again. I clapped. I pumped my fist in the air. I can’t whistle but if I could, I would have made shrill sounds. Basically, I cheered with the uncontaminated enthusiasm of a five-year-old. What more do you want from a superhero movie? Iron Man 3 is popcorn entertainment in the best sense of the word. I’m going with four stars. Go, get a ticket and as always, wait until the end credits are done. There’s one last treat left.

Ratings:4/5  Review By:  Raja Sen  Site:Rediff

Yet what glorious clanging it is. Iron Man 3 boasts of the headiest of action setpieces, long and spectacular bits of movie wizardry dreamed up by grown men who like pushing their action figures to the limit. A lot of superhero movies look alike now, with increasingly incoherent action populating most of them, but this is a pleasure: these set-pieces feel like big, expansive, boastfully huge splash-pages. The kind of pages, also that don’t really need 3D conversion; I recommend you watch this film without the big glasses. From one True Believer to another, thank you, Shane Black. Iron Man has never soared higher.

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Ratings:3.5/5  Review By:  Tushar Joshi  Site:DNA

Iron Man 3 is funny, engaging, and has some really awesome action scenes. My biggest grouse about the film is its sloppy climax. We have the mandatory fireworks on display, but how about giving a closure or tying the loose ends of the plot before the big guns start blazing? Not only does the last half hour look rushed, but the Stark-Potts relationship deserved better handling. However, Iron Man 3 is a bonafide summer blockbuster that is your ticket to the most entertaining ride of the year so far.

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Ratings:3/5  Review By:  IANS  Site:NDTV

With characters culled from Marvel Comics, we know for sure that Iron Man 3 would be packed with spectacular action and nice razor sharp, witty lines. Iron Man 3 is the superhero’s journey of finding the demons he created and destroying them. Jam-packed with humour and gags, there is no emotional connect with the characters. During the course of the narration, director Shane Black and his co-writer Drew Pearce have meandered from the graphic novel into subplots merging the sensibilities of the eighties and early nineties, thus making everything odd in the character’s history. With a captivating finale, Iron Man 3 is a slick, inspired fantasy-adventure film that almost anyone can enjoy. Let’s pray for the next edition to come soon.

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  1. i thought of watching it but some of ur negative reviews have turned me offf.

  2. Aap vapas aa gaye aap ke review ke sath….pata hai na yaha Mr. Taran Adarsh ke sath kaisa suluk kiya jata hai…litteraly unki g***d mari jati hai to aap kis khet ki muli ho…..Mr. Rai aapko iss film mein 3.5 jaisa kya laga….after the 1st half puri movie bigad di hai except the end. Ben Kingsley jaise actor aisa role karenge woh expect nahi kiya tha….it deserves 2.5…!!!

  3. hahaha…well said bro 🙂 yaar, i really wonder taran ko pata hoga uske saath yeh sab hota hai yahaan :)and don't worry, maari toh yahaan masand ki bhi hai. that's the beauty here 🙂

  4. why rajeev masand has not reviewed IRON MAN3

  5. watched iron man 3 … first for performances ..guy pearce ..lame ..not dat good u funny ass ..especially at d end ..still ok gwen as pots grt as usual she really takes on rdjr grt dis time both have grt chemistry bw dem !! sir kingsley ..well not intense as heath legder or jack nicholson as joker coz dey have done d most superb super villian yet kingsley doesnt take madarin to dat level although hes role is small..but one man as usually steals d show !! RDJr ..love him as sherlock. but grt as tony too..his one liners ar awesumm..n to keep d fun goin even in catastrophic situations is his art ..rebecca hall does her part ok..rest acts were just side acts !! vfx n action shud be gud n u get gud as its a marvek movie !! no great visual treats like d finalle of avengers but some sequences like destruction of his malibu house is awesum..overall shane black has crafted d best iron man movie yet no doubt bout dat ..guess wat roger ebert wud have rated dis film..im dissapointed by anupamas review its a 3 and 1/2 movie !!! but watch till bruce banner sleeps in d end great joke ..n d line tony stark will return..we hope its RDJr again coz people have started lovin him a lot ..

  6. GOurav, dude i am fond of well scripted & directed movies. i have been following this site since a year for Rajeev masand's, untill your reviews started. keep it up man. just ignore negative comments to you..

  7. below my expectations…performances were gr8 but somehow disapointed with d film. 1st half is bit slow, 3 D effects not dat gr8 either. Is this film overrated by critics?

  8. Ultimate movie and last half an hour was fantastic for the movie……

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