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Khichdi Movie Review

Overall Rating: 2.71/5

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:IBNLive

If you’re not a fan of the long-running sitcom and unfamiliar with its cheerfully dim-witted characters, there’s a slim chance you’re going to appreciate the juvenile humor in “Khichdi: The Movie”. The film doesn’t stray too far from the television show’s signature brand of spectacularly silly situations, but only a handful of key members from the sitcom’s extensive roster of characters makes it to this big-screen outing.Ultimately then, it’s hard not to respond to the film’s comedy because of its characters: they’re written endearingly and performed enthusiastically. Supriya Pathak, in particular, shines as the staggeringly stupid Hansa who can exasperate a judge into letting off a murder suspect.”Khichdi” may not appeal to all, but it’s honest to its audience, and never attempts to deliver anything else but silly laughs. I’m going with two out of five for writer-director Aatish Kapadia’s “Khichdi: The Movie”. It’s strictly for fans. The rest will be astonished that movies like this can get made!

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:BollywoodHungama

KHICHDI – THE MOVIE borrows the characters from the show, but the movie has a new story to offer. I’d say KHICHDI – THE MOVIE vacillates between absurd and ridiculous, but the fact remains that it makes you laugh at most times. KHICHDI – THE MOVIE may not push the envelope as far as the written material is concerned, but you exit the auditorium with a radiant smile, which most laughathons promise, but don’t deliver. On the whole, KHICHDI – THE MOVIE is a fun-ride that tickles your funny bone from start to end. Do visit this mad Indian family and get thoroughly entertained. Logic be damned, laughter is what matters. This one’s a great stress buster!Final word? I haven’t laughed as much in weeks as much I did in those 2 hours. Do pay a visit to this mad family if laughter is what you seek in a movie. This khichdi is appetizing, for sure.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:TimesOfIndia

The idiots are heroes, once again. The popular sitcom from television takes on a celluloid avatar as Khichdi: The Movie, trying to recreate the idiot box humour of the family of idiots, where stupidity is the norm and intelligence, an exception.Does the film maker succeed? It isn’t easy to translate a television comedy into a film, but director Aatish Kapadia does manage to transcend most of the hiccups.Of course, there are certain sequences that have you grinning from ear to ear, like the Parekhs let loose in a hospital…. But you do wish they weren’t so few and far between. For those who have enjoyed the sit-com, Khichdi: The Movie is a must-see. For newbies, it’s decent time pass.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Gaurav Malani Site:Indiatimes

Almost a decade back, the TV series Khichdi used PJs as an effective tool of humour on the small screen. The core characters are so unrealistically naïve that they take literal meaning of the spoken word over logical thereby inducing laughter. Unlike illogical comedies that question your reasoning, the effort here is to intentionally defy logic and tickle your funny bone with the exaggerated silliness of this mad mad world. Khichdi – The Movie aptly takes the idiot box legacy to the big screen. The essence of the characters and the comedy remain the same while the televised anecdotes are upgraded to a cinematic account here.Khichdi – The Movie is a mixture of good, bad, sad, silly, stupid, stretched and LOL jokes but overall is a easily digestible comedy.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Rajul Hegde Site:Rediff

For the first time in India a television sitcom has been adapted into a movie. And Khichdi The Movie is just as mindless a comedy as the television show. All the characters are similar to rhe serial, and very likeable. The makers have not made too many changes in the film, and have retained the Khichdi magic on the big screen. The gags are childish but funny.Khichdi The Movie is a clean comedy without any double meanings. But too many gags spoilt the broth somewhat, dragging the movie unnecessarily at the end. Khichdi fans will love it because they are familiar with the exaggerated characters and silly jokes. But you can watch it even if you are not a Khichdi fan because it’s such a stress buster.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Shubhra Gupta Site:IndianExpress

Okay, this one is strictly for those who love Khichdi, the serial, with a passion, and miss it enough to want to watch the movie, which plays out like four or five extended episodes.The plot is an apology. Or maybe the film didn’t really need a plot, just the semblance of something vaguely resembling one for an excuse to gather everyone and get them to do exactly what they’ve been doing on TV:The colours are bright. The lines are loud. And you can see a joke coming a mile off.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Renuka Rao Site:DNAIndia

Though the film does not boast of a strong storyline, it does not fail to amuse you at any point. The plot is loosely structured around the madcap family’s resolve to fulfil Himanshu’s greatest desire, which is to get married to the woman of his dreams in an over-dramatic manner so that his love story goes down in history as an exemplary one.Side-splitting dialogues, animated performances, and hilarious episodes leverage the film to an out-and-out entertainer that grabs your attention and retains it, too.At some points, you do feel that some sequences are over the top, but that does not harm the purpose of the film, which is to make you crack up.

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