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Looper Review

Looper Rating: 4/5

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Looper Movie Review

Ratings:4/5  Review by Rajeev Masand Site:CNN IBN (IBNlive)

Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis as younger and older versions of the same person, is a deliciously complex and fast-paced sci-fi thriller that’s likely to satisfy both, fans of popcorn movies and those seeking more cerebral entertainment.Brimming with energy, Looper is many things rolled into one – a chase movie in its first half, a time-travel thriller with nods to The Terminator and Twelve Monkeys, and it even culminates nicely as a bittersweet moral drama. A few subplots remain curiously unresolved, but for the most part this is ambitious, audacious storytelling.I’m going with four out of five for Looper. It’s a smart film with thrills – now how often do you get to see one of those?

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Ratings:4/5 Review by Regan Rasquinha Site:Times of India (TOI)

There are science fiction films that deal with the subject of time travel and then there is Looper, which comes across as refreshingly original as well as entertaining, with a story full of interesting twists. Notwithstanding the flash and slick visuals, director Rian Johnson always keeps the storyline to the fore. Events are explained in a fairly simple manner as the plot smoothly unfolds. The film will leave you satisfied and entertained after one watch. And there’s a pretty good chance you’d want to watch it again.Tip-Off: If you love science fiction films that are also high on drama and action, go for it.

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Ratings:4/5  Review by Anupama Chopra Site:Star World

At one point in Looper, a character says: this time-travel crap fries your brain like an egg. Which is basically writer-director Rian Johnson’s way of telling you not to overthink this film. Forget about the loopholes in logic. Just get on board and enjoy the ride. It might take you a while to get your bearings here but you will soon be engrossed. Looper is a deliciously twisty thriller. I’m going with four stars.

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Ratings:5/5 Review by Raja Sen Site:Rediff

Looper has a mixed bag of influences — as diverse as Memento , The Terminator and The Omen — but proves to be sharper, smarter and more ambitious than even those unforgettable ones. There are minor plotholes, but the film bounds over them with swift, self-assured grace, climaxing ultimately with a finely foreshadowed finale that ties everything up shrewdly and masterfully: a rarity for the science-fiction genre, and a tremendous narrative achievement that makes me want to watch it again right now.Rian Johnson’s terrific debut Brick and whimsical Brothers Bloom appear to be but warm-ups: Looper is one for the ages.

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Ratings:3/5 Review by Pratyush Cavutur Site:Book My Show

If you actually think about the movie, when its over, it leaves a sinking feeling, and ironically, you may end up with a wry smile. There will be certain events in the movie that will make you go “What the….” but later when you think about it, every little doubt and ridicule in your head will settle. The movie runs on a single time-line of sorts and gets predictable, but that doesn’t really hamper the charm if the movie.The soundtrack was well set and the direction was exhilarating. Take a bow Rian Johnson.Verdict: For the love of Sci-fi cinema DO NOT leave your brains at home. Worth a watch!

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