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Cloud Atlas Review

Cloud Atlas Rating: 3/5

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Cloud Atlas Movie Review

Ratings:3.5/5 Review by Gavin Rasquniha Site:Times of India (TOI)

It’s also pretty apparent that karma and deja vu play a big part in Atlas. This is because the whole cause-and-effect theory is used conveniently as the conceptual glue which holds this entire juggernaut of a movie together. It’s also intelligently made: while the first half of the movie’s stories progress forward, the second half goes somewhat backwards in history. There is some deadweight here.There are a few brief scenes that seem redundant. But what keeps this kaleidoscope of stories from becoming a glorified hodgepodge is clear, simple narration of what are essentially, several love stories. By the time the movie ends, you won’t be left wondering about the message behind the movie.Tip-Off: You will not like this film if you do not like epic dramas with multiple storylines.

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Ratings:2.5/5   Review by Avneet Ghai Site:BookMyShow

Cloud Atlas tells the tale of six stories over 3 long hours. Most of which would be considered fairly ordinary but when they’re chopped up and swirled together, some of you will find it hypnotic, others incomprehensible.The actors are fantastic. Grant is good in his cameos. Roles are all challenging as they cross race, gender, age—everything! They are cast without discrimination. You’ll either be up in Cloud Atlas reveling in each century as the connections slowly unfold or be impatient. I was both. The movie didn’t work for me but I’m fascinated as to why. Verdict: Six convoluted stories to cloud your brain!

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  1. From the makers of ‘the matrix trilogy’, CLOUD ATLAS is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for those who seek effortless entertainment in everything on the screen. Though I won’t deny that CLOUD ATLAS does have plenty of entertainment factors as heart-stopping action sequences, surprise appearances, comforting funny moments but that are never the sole strength of the film. The force lies in the treatment to intertwine multiple stories in one.

    CLOUD ATLAS is like a maze where every path criss-crosses the other. A labyrinth of 6 stories set in 6 different time zones, all the main actors playing 6 or more characters, ‘little here-little there’ leap-hop narrative pattern and a total length of 174 minutes…one sure needs lots of patience and a pretty sharp & quite considerate mind to follow the leads from one to another.

    And I must confess that most of the time, you will find yourself in a confused state of mind as what is happening on the screen
    , is happening for what but there come as the knight in shining armor…the superlative performances [Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Hugo Weaving especially], eyes-wide open cinematography, make-up & art direction to make every time-zone look astonishing & astounding cinematic experience ever on screen.

    As the word of recommendation, I would say it’s an average sci-fi adventure drama in terms of the stories it has to tell but the magnificence in the visuals and the brilliance in other departments will save the day for you. Go if you want a break from regular Hollywood action thrillers and mad-ass nonsense comedies! [3.5/5]

  2. Looks like worth a watch

  3. Man I could not understand this dum movie it keeps jumping from story 2 story, avoid it or blame yrself for losing 3 hrs of your life or pay alot of attention or u will get lost.

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