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Nippu Telugu Review

Nippu Rating:  2.08/5

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Nippu Telugu Movie Review

Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Radhika Rajamani Site:Rediff

One knows what to expect from a Ravi Teja film, and Gunasekhar provides the usual commercial ingredients for the mass hero. There’s enough action, half-a-dozen songs (two of them shot in picturesque Turkey) and a middle-class family set-up.However, instead of scorching the screen, the fire seems to have been extinguished by the director himself with his cold and lacklustre screenplay. Even Ravi Teja’s presence doesn’t seem to prop up the film that has a wafer-thin story.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:Great Andhra

The story line of Nippu is very simple: what the hero does to save his friend who is battling for his life. There is absolutely no excitement in the storyline and the director has to put in a lot of hard work to make a film out of it. It is really a tight rope walking for the director. Despite his best efforts, there is no guarantee that this routine story would fetch any success. Instead of taking a lot of care to make a film with this silly storyline, Gunasekhar made a mess of it with his grossly ill-planned script. In the first half, one would feel as it one is watching a Japanese or Korean film without sub-titles.

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Ratings:2.25/5 Reviewer:SuperGoodMovies Site:Supergoodmovies

Nippu doesn’t boast of great script. The storyline is tad ordinary. There is nothing sparkling or startling about the subject. We have seen such mindless action films many a time. So the director should have come up with an interesting screenplay to keep the audience glued.Sadly, that didn’t happen as the screenplay is pretty bad right from the word go. None of the scenes are connected or interlinked. This is perhaps the weakest film among Gunasekhar’s movies in terms of screenplay. First half of the film is pretty boring and tests your patience.Nippu is a routine film with too many fights and weak script. Only Raviteja is the saving grace and it is highly doubtful for him to save this film from sinking at the box office.

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