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Ishq Telugu Review

Ishq Rating:3.08/5

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Ishq Telugu Movie Review

 Ratings:3.25/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

First half of the film is nice and classy. Second half is ok with commercial twists. The narration of the film is slow. Plus points are good characterizations, nice screenplay, cinematography and music. A compact second half would have been good. Nitin is in his elements in Ishq. Ishq is likely to bring the much needed success to Nitin. You may watch it.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

The director must be given full marks for picking up a routine storyline but narrating it in such a way that two and half hours pass without a wink. His ability to connect the dots show his command over the screenplay and mixing it with a pinch of humour wherever possible makes it appealing. Overall, this is a film which is moderate in content but it is the way the whole thing is presented and the technical values which are high quality. It must be reiterated that the cinematography deserves a special applause for giving a pleasant treat to the eyes. Tender and teasing treat…watch it!!

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Ratings: Reviewer: Site:Andhravilas

Story of the film written by Vikram is run of the mill subject. He made the difference by offering a courteous expression in treatment.Apparently loop holes in script came to fore only in second half as Nithya’s character looses its attitude for no benefit. Nitin stood on his advantages to drive the story for a happy ending thankfully at the loss of well maintained romanticism in first half.Contrast attempt by Nitin as a decent lover boy. Nithya Menon is enchanting as her Ala Modalaindi kind of chirpy characterization continued. PC Sreeram’s camera work and Anup Rubens presenting a delightful work, Ishq has something to offer for class public.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Supergoodmovies Site:SuperGoodMovies

Ishq is a film targeted at younger crowds. It has young body, heart and soul and the first half of the movie lives up to the expectations more than expected. Second hour is about a single conflict that has to be obviously solved in the end in some or the other way.So, the second half scenes run on a predictable note. Some scenes work big time in this hour. Rest of the film is flat without many surprises. Director tried to tell the routine story in a different format. He succeeded to some extent, but lost control over it during the penultimate scenes.Ishq is a romantic entertainer told in a commercial format. Not bad for one time watch. We have to wait for the box office fate of the film.

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