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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Pavithra Srinivasan Site:Rediff

In the second half, the story suddenly sidetracks, roping in quarrying, destroying natural resources, and unscrupulous businessmen in an attempt to make this a serious story — so when you finally get to see the climactic cricket-match (liberally inspired from Lagaan, including the training song and campfire), you feel no empathy with the characters. You know how it’s going to turn out, anyway. Potta Potti has healthy doses of humour — if only the director had cut out the moral-of-the-story part, made the screenplay tauter, and rid it of extraneous tracks, it would have been infinitely better.

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Ratings: Reviewer:IANS Site:NDTV

Potta Potti is all about two teams playing a cricket match to decide upon a suitable bridegroom for a girl. Potta Potti doesn’t have the excitement of a movie based on sports but it doesn’t disappoint as a fun-filled movie. Watch it for the innocence with which the villagers approach the game and some hilarious moments presented by the characters of Kodaivaanan and Avatharam.

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 Ratings:Above Average Reviewer:MovieBuzz Site:Sify

Potta Potti 50-50, written and directed by Yuvaraaj, is a charming little treat set in a small village of Tamilnadu. The film is held together by a sharp screenplay that throws up some pleasant surprises, and is light and enjoyable for the most part. It has its thrills in the right place and all the characters are warm and human.Potta Potti works because it is intelligent and uncompromising. It’s packed with delicious little scenes, one liners and moments that will have you chuckling pretty much the moment you settle into your seat. Give it a try, you’ll come out smiling.

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Ratings: Reviewer:Malathi Rangarajan Site:The Hindu

If keeping the viewer in splits is the aim, Potta Potti (U) achieves it with ease. Forget the first 40 minutes that the film takes to pack itself up with pace, and you have more than an hour’s journey on the road of rollicking fun.It is evident that Potta Potti is made on a moderate budget. But the film is a classic case of screenplay being funny enough to make you oblivious to the flaws.Relax and laugh your way through the match. You should find it engrossing.

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  Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Behindwoods Site:Behindwoods

Overall, Potta Potti is a no brainer; mad cavort of bizarre cricketing events, cheeky lines and fun for fun’s sake. The movie was made as a laughathon and partially succeeds in its attempts. If you like/hate cricket well enough to have a good laugh while people goof up over it on screen or you don’t care much for logic and are not bothered by the lack of a well driven central plot, then Potta Potti will keep you amused and satisfied. It is well suited for some casual and carefree viewing.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer: Site:SuperGoodMovies

Potta Potti is a whiff of fresh air. All is told in a lighter vein. The movie gives Ramesh a great chance to prove his acting skills. As coach he is right there making a mark. Combining comedy in cricket and the way the villagers play the game have been captured well. The movie stands up thanks to the humour all through. Three cheers to Yuvaraj. He with his racy script and quick sequence of events ensures, all is well.

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