Mugamoodi Tamil Movie Review

Mugamoodi Rating: 2.83/5

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Mugamoodi Tamil Movie Review 

Ratings:2/5 Review by: Pavithra Srinivasan Site:Rediff

It’s a reasonably good set-up, and might even have worked had the director not resorted to cardboard cut-out characters and scenes like something out of a medieval Japanese street-play.Mysskin’s love of dramatic moments is well-known, but here, he goes overboard and sacrifices logic and commonsense to startling moments that rarely gel with the screenplay.A superhero movie such as this requires a willing suspension of disbelief, but to give up on realism entirely, is too much. There are very few of Mysskin’s signature touches and many scenes appear contrived and artificial.This superhero might have the best of intentions, but Mysskin’s screenplay fails him spectacularly.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review by: Prakash Uppadhya Site:OneIndia

The story of Mugamoodi, unlike Hollywood movies, is not a complex tale to understand. Mysskin does not hurry in his story telling and narrates it in his own time. The progress of the characters are slow and believable. It seems like the director wanted to make Mugamoodi a franchise, as the heroism of the superhero will only start in the later part of the second half.On the flip side, the slow narration and absence of the regular masala-element might not go well the some sections of the audience and there are jerks at screenplay. Mugamoodi would have a better appeal if the length of the movie would be reduced.Verdict: It’s worth a watch.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer: Behindwoods Site:Behindwoods

Smooth narrative marks the 1st half of Mugamoodi which sets the expectation and curiosity levels for the second half. Too many characters in the second half and too many blanks to be filled by the audience themselves, the second half emerges tedious.Overall, if the pace and narration of the 1st half was maintained in the 2nd half too, Mugamoodi would have emerged grander.Verdict: Pacy first half, slow second half but compensated by the overall performance and effort of the cast & crew.

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