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100% Love movie review (Telugu)

100% Love  Rating: 3.1/5

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Ratings:3.5/5 Reviewer:Jeevi Site:Idlebrain

First half of the movie is full of fun and frolic. Second half has family orientation and goes on a routine track. This movie is all about little nuances about psychology and fun. Plus points are Sukumar’s creative thinking and music. There are a few dull moments in the second half, but they are not going to disturb the flow of the movie. The negative shade in hero characterization might not appeal to a few. On a whole, 100% Love is a cool film with nice entertainment. Go and watch it 100%.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Radhika Rajamani Site:Rediff

100 % Love is a film which will be liked by all. Love stories are umpteen on celluloid and yet they invite a lot of audience. However, unless there’s something novel about them the viewability quotient comes down by a few notches. Sukumar, a ‘specialist’ in love stories (Arya and Arya 2,) comes up with a youthful, urbane love story. 100 % Love is watchable though it follows a somewhat predictable route in the second half.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Manvitha Chowdary Site:Andhravilas

100% Love is a fell good love entertainer. The film is cool and connects with the target audiences – today’s youth perfectly. The film is told in flashback style with Naga Chaitanya telling about his life and Tamanna doing the same.The film is engrossing from the beginning. The first half is interesting and lively. However, it is in the second half that the director falters a bit. He then falls back to the tried and tested ‘formula’ and this affects the overall impact of the film. The second half is also a bit slow the film just rolls on to a predictable ending.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Site:SuperGoodMovies

Sukumar did a brilliant job with the screenplay but it loses pace as it reaches the interval point. Second half is mainly focused on the family values and the virtues of relations. Although the lead man irks you at times with his stupid ideology he makes it up in the scene where he reveals his love to the heroine. In the process of avoiding a predictable climax, Sukumar once again took the eccentric path and the characters starts talking illogically. But by then the film already proves your ticket worth and anything excess is just a bonus.100% Love satisfies the targeted audience. Youngsters will fall in love with the film.  People who love to watch different movies can give it a try.

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 Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

First half is good with full dose of energy along with kids, the second half fails to grip the audience at many moments due to predictable emotions and ending. The humor dose was also not up to the requirement in second half since the first half was on top. The director has kept all his energies in first half and got confused to carry on with second half. He might have taken better care as it’s just a single line story.Bottomline: Wait till it appears on TV

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