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Nenu Naa Rakshasi Review (Telugu)

Nenu Naa Rakshasi  Rating: 2.19/5

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 Ratings:2.75/5 Reviewer:Venkat Site:GreatAndhra

First half of the film runs well with typical characters and takes off smooth. But the second half suffers severe turbulences and audiences start getting suffocated.  Although the character introduction of heroine is shooting the real deaths, there is no convincing end for her character even with her flash back. Well, it may appeal for those minds which have undergone real suicidal tendencies and made failed attempts. What the director wants to convey is blunt and rude. What the director is wishing by making this movie? Is he asking the Law to make Suicides legal? Is he appealing for those who are inclined to commit suicide to carry on with their act? Is he wishing to make people strong or weak?This is a kind of art film with commercial budget.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Manvitha Chowdary Site:Andhravilas

Puri Jagannath has chosen a very big and complex subject – sucide for his film. He tries to analyze why people commit suicide and what is the factor that drives them. He gives some examples. However, Puri dilutes the serious subject with some unnecessary side tracks. The comedy borders on vulgarity. There are many dialogues in the film that are vulgar. The explicitly adult theme and content and the slow pace of narration minus some badly needed entertainment makes the film a bit difficult to sit through. Nenu Naa Rakshashi has a very limited appeal. The film is a strict no, no for women and family audiences.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Suresh Kavirayani Site:TimesOfIndia

There is no coherence in the confusing story and nothing matches up. You never know why the characters are behaving like they do. Puri messed up a serious subject like suicide with his commercial elements. The saving gracing of this movie is the music. The songs are hummable and the locations are easy on the eye. Final verdict is that this is the kind of film that tests the audience’s patience.

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Ratings: Reviewer:Serish Nanisetti Site:TheHindu

Nenu Na Rakshasi is a brave new attempt at narrative storytelling with a homily and a statistical chart in the middle of it. the director tries to marry the slickness of a gripping action thriller with masala elements that are the staple of Telugu cinema. The movie is like a person trying to sail in two boats at the same time. The pacing of the movie is a little awkward and just as you give up on the movie and scan the exit doors, the director injects a bit of interest to move the storyline. The ending is a tad clichéd.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Site:SuperGoodMovies

there are interesting twists and turns in the movie, particularly in the first hour. The speed at which the screenplay races away is breathtaking. Interval point is good. But when the story shifts to Venice, the graph starts falling down. Suddenly the characters look out of place. The characters which seemed that they are going through so much pain in their lives turn jovial out of nowhere.Puri’s promise of different cinema ends at the interval point and from then on it is sheer torture. Is Puri completely out of ideas? Although the basic plot is interesting the execution is pretty bad. The movie doesn’t even end on a sad note to pass a strong message to audience. Puri chose a commercial climax which didn’t fit into this at all.

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