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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Rajeev Masand Site:IBNLive

Even if you’re willing to forgive all the historical inaccuracies and the complete disregard for detail, Veer starring Salman Khan, is still an impossible film to appreciate.Much of the film’s first half holds up because there’s conviction even in the stupidity. You may find it hard to believe that one man can single-handedly fight an armed gang, but Salman and his director dive into the most preposterous scenes unblinkingly.I’m going with two out of five for director Anil Sharma’s Veer. Watch it if you’re a die-hard Salman fan. It’s an epic-sized period film with tacky special effects.Unacceptable in these times. From Cameron’s Pandora to Anil Sharma’s Pindhari, we’ve come a long way baby!

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Nikhat Kazmi Site:TimesOfIndia

Hence the importance of Salman Khan’s Veer which celebrates a kind of cinema that might soon be extinct in desi film lore. You can also sound the mandatory wolf whistles on Salman’s unabashed beefcake appeal that spills over in every frame of the film. Intermittently, you can also applaud him for trying his best to create a hero out of this ill-conceived, cardboard cut-out that seems to hobnob between Dharmendra’s Dharam Veer and Russel Crowe’s Gladiator. But after that, there’s nothing left to hold your attention in this prolonged misadventure that loses a lot due to a tardy screenplay, a headless script and an old-fashioned direction

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 Ratings:1.5/5 Reviewer:Taran Adarsh Site:BollywoodHungama

VEER is about a warrior and at the same time, it’s a love story too. Sadly, neither does it evoke any patriotism, nor does the love story make your heart go dhak-dhak. VEER has it all – great stars, opulent and majestic sets, adrenaline pumping action scenes, but no soul [read script]. The movie begins with a bang, but the moment the story shifts to London, it crashes! On the whole, VEER rides on Salman’s star power, but even his hardcore fans will be disappointed by this movie. VEER proves the age-old adage true: All that glitters is not gold. Final word? You have to be a veer to sit through VEER. Colossal disappointment!

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Ratings:1/5 Reviewer:Raja Sen Site:Rediff

Director Anil Sharma has never been known for his subtlety, and here, sinking his teeth into the painfully melodramatic script, he goes at it hammer and tongs, taking one megabudget misstep after another.The film is mounted on a massive scale, and you do see hundreds of extras milling about — but they clearly don’t matter. All that does is Salman, who cashes in every ounce of his insouciant brat-star persona to lug this film forward and, credit where its due, comes off as likeable for at least the first hour, which is more than most could have with a film this catastrophic.It’s a film so dated it hurts. Imagine Manmohan Desai’s atrocious Mard, but minus Mr Desai or Mr Bachchan. Yes, that bad. Of course, perhaps these very qualifications as a potentially classic drinking game will ensure Veer a hit box office status, but if this film succeeds, we should all be a little concerned.

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Ratings:2/5 Reviewer:Gaurav Malani Site:Indiatimes

In real life, it seems like Veer Salman ne apne hi paav par kulhadi maar lee (hit the axe on his own leg). The average story he pens doesn’t do justice to the immense intensity he adds to his performance. So Salman is marred and let down by his own self. Veer opens in 1862 though it comes close to the masala magnum opus flicks of the 80s. The story is loosely reminiscent of Manmohan Desai’s Mard (1985) while the setting and treatment are derived from same director’s Dharam Veer (1977). You have to be a braveheart to watch Veer.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Anupama Chopra Site:NDTV

Salman’s supersized presence lifts the silliest scenes. But eventually, even his ripped muscles sag under the weight of this bloated epic. Running at over two and a half hours, Veer just goes on and on. It seems like an endless montage of battles and blood. There is enough jewellery in this film to fund a few others.The film has many such moments that are so over the top that words cannot convey their full comic impact. If like me, you can find delight in the sheer delirium of a bad Bollywood film, then see Veer, otherwise do catch it on DVD. In a few years, this sensibility and swagger will be extinct.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Reviewer:Martin D Souza Site:Glamsham

Set in the 19th century, this period drama is no classic epic, but it has the trappings to keep you glued to your seat. Yes, there are loopholes in the screenplay and script and some silly moments as well, but once you see the brave attempt by the makers you cannot but laud it. Only thing, they could have been more careful about the costumes worn by the lead actors. Difficult yes, but if enough research was done and as much importance given to it as the fight sequences, it could well have been another GADAR. The plot has its heart in the right place. Salman Khan as Veer is dashing and dynamic.

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Ratings:3/5 Reviewer:Jaya Biswas Site:Buzz18

Salman seemed to be back in form. He has lost more weight this time and looked better than in Wanted. It felt good to see him dancing gracefully and emoting right at the same time, maybe because Salman himself has invested a lot in terms of story as well.It wouldn’t be wrong to say it’s Salman’s film all the way but one person who actually stole the thunder with his fantastic support was Mithun Chakraborty.Anil Sharma’s contribution as a director was probably till the time he brought the actors together. Though there was no dearth of grandeur, the cinematography is decent – especially the scenes shot in the palaces and forts – the special effects look tacky. The saving grace of the film is its pace. And the action scenes that make you watch the film till the end. I would go with 2/5 for the film and 1 for Sallu-Mithun chemistry.

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