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Scary Movie 5 Review

Scary Movie 5 Rating: 2/5

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Scary Movie 5 Movie Review

Ratings:2/5  Review By:  Gavin Rasquinha  Site:Times of India (TOI)

A washed-out looking Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan appear at the beginning of the equally washed-out version of this franchise, kicking off a string of puerile scenes held together by no sense of logic or reason. It’s as if someone with a 5-year-old’s sense of humour has been given free rein to make a film and gone overboard with – quite literally – toilet humour. The genuinely funny bits (about five or so) seem to be clustered at the beginning. And it goes downhill from there. Tolerable in small doses, it looks like it has been cobbled together from random sequences. However, while the Scary Movie series has always been slapstick, a handful of funny bits do not make a successful comedy.

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