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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ragini MMS 2 Review

Ragini MMS 2  Rating: 2.61/5 

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Ragini MMS 2 Hindi Movie Reviews

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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Bollywood Hungama
RAGINI MMS-2 writers borrow from the horror erotica of the West, but show flair and imagination, besides packing ample jump-in-your-seat jolts in the narrative. Having said that, although the influence is evident, the sequence of events are *not* cliche-ridden at all. Besides, it's difficult to guess which character will get bumped off and how. Additionally, the sequences leading to the scary finale are truly riveting. On the whole, RAGINI MMS-2 has ample scares, a generous dose of skin show, a winning soundtrack and of course, a sensuous Sunny Leone to spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S. This second helping is much more scrumptious and delicious than the first. Go, get spooked!
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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Star World (Hindustan Times)
The problem is that the characters are such insipid, low IQ cretins that you are hoping that the murderous chudail gets them soon. The writing is so sloppy that eventually it becomes unintentionally funny. Besides, how seriously can you take a film, which begins with a disclaimer that it doesn’t promote girl kissing. If instead of character and narrative, you’re looking for a few cheap thrills, then Ragini MMS 2 might do the trick. I’m going with two stars.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Madhureeta Mukherjee Site:Times Of India (TOI)
The film provides the usual creepy cliches - creaking windows, ghostly shadows and bedraggled bhoots. There are a few spooky moments, but fewer leap-out-of-your-seat scenes.  Sunny looks deathly desirable and plays the sexed-up baby doll with abandon. While her 'act' is good, her 'performance' doesn't really climax. Yet, she gives us a 'drool-worthy' adult-horror film - one of its kind for Bollywood. For horror-buffs this might not be 'spookilicious' enough, but those looking for a 'sun-sunny' weekend, go lap it up!
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Ratings:-- Review By: Komal Nahata Site:Zee ETC Bollywood Business
Bhushan Patel’s direction is first-rate. He has made a film which does not lose its grip on the audience even for a minute, keeping them engrossed right from the word ‘go’. He has balanced the drama with good doses of sex, horror and comedy so as to give every kind of audience entertainment to the fullest. On the whole, Ragin MMS – 2 is a surefire hit as it has the deadly combination of sex, horror, comedy and hit music. It will please the masses and classes alike and will work wonders at the box-office from North to South and East to West.
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Suhani Singh Site:India Today
For a film which is billing itself as India's first horrex (horror and sex) genre film, Ragini MMS 2 is hardly a spine-chilling tale. Ironically, the sequel to the 2011 film, which had genuine scream-inducing scenes, works better at tickling the funny bone. If the film continued to be a parody of the making of a horror film, which it does well, then we'd have a film on our hands. Instead we're left with a two-hour feature in which the restless audience will be screaming in distress than fear.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Bikash Mohapatra Site:Rediff
For if Ragini MMS (2011) was about two-and-a-half love-making scenes, its sequel has just one, a forced one at that. But that's just about it. However, for anyone who intends to get spooked and is on the lookout for a decent horror flick, this one ain't bad. In fact the sequel is better than the prequel. And saying this is no exaggeration. Yes, it is heavily borrowed. But then, which B-Town flick movie isn’t? Ragini MMS 2 has a much better story, a couple of foot-tapping numbers, few good performances and is quite well structured. .
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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Shubhra Gupta Site:Indian Express
Despite its harum-scarum script and barely-there logic (why would the senior crew members stay in a haunted house and the bit part-actors in a comfy hotel, for example), I quite enjoyed ‘Ragini MMS 2’ in the portions when Sunny Leone is in full stride.Where it falters is in the lack of novelty in the scenes that feature the spirit, and its bloody trail: there are a couple of scenes that send a shiver down your spine, but then it all becomes familiar. A little more attention to that, and to the storyline, and this will become a solid franchise. So when is part 3 coming?
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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By: Namita Karkera Site:Rediff
Sunny Leone looks hot alright but with scary scenes being average at best, Ragini MMS 2 isn’t half as scary as it is supposed to be. At best, the film seems like a spoof. The second half of the movie however fares better. This is where the story of the Spirit is unveiled. The movie has good music -- Baby Doll and Chaar Botal Vodka are real chartbusters. Overall the movie still manages to scare at some shots, make us laugh and enjoy Sunny Leone in her skimpy outfits.
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Ratings:-- Review By: Mihir Fadnavis Site:FirstPost
The first film heavily borrowed from The Blair Witch Project in the finale, this one rips off Blair Witch 2.This time we have Sunny Leone unhooking, Sunny Leone heaving, Sunny Leone gyrating, Sunny Leone panting, smooching and turning into a ghost. It follows the BFI – Bollywood Formula for Idiots: More cleavage = More box office.But then is it at least scary? I hate to disappoint you but I have seen flower petals that are scarier than Ragini MMS 2. It’s one lame and predictable jump scare after another and it gets really tedious really fast.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Mohar Basu Site:Koimoi
Ragini MMS 2 is quite a pleasant surprise. It is not everyday that you begin your morning watching a Sunny Leone film, where she actually manages to bewilder you something close to a performance. Interestingly threaded with ample hair raising minutes, the film’s ability to seem unrelentingly real is what makes it an entertaining watch. Not worth an Oscar but worth spending your popcorn over this weekend for sure.
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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Tushar Joshi Site:DNA
Early on in the first half, we are told that Ragini MMS 2 is a 'horrex' (horror+sex) film! And the makers leave no stone unturned to make sure it proves to be one. Thankfully Ragini MMS 2 has a solid backstory to fall back on which plays itself quite well in the second half. Not falling in the trap of letting the cliches get the better of them, the writers have managed to put together an interesting history to the happenings in the house. Whether you are a Sunny Leone fan or not, Ragini MMS 2 still manages to raise a few scares and stay true to its genre.
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Ragini MMS 2 Review
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  1. Are.. jo sab log dekhna chahte h.... wo hai ya nhi movie mein???????

    1. bhai jo sunny ne pehle kar rakha hain uske samne to is movie mein kam hi hoga

  2. mast movie hai do watch it

  3. Taran ke ghar gaddi pohuch gayi

  4. watch full review here www.justbollywood.in

  5. bilkul bakwaas movie.
    dont waste ur money n time

  6. isse jyada bekaar movie nahi dekhi

  7. achee hai .timepass.

  8. Gaurav rai kaha hai?

  9. RAGINI MMS 2:
    ‘Sunny’ side up! Horror gets low! [2/5]

    So, how many more times exactly you want to see a possessed body [quite inviting in this case] tied in wooden chair-hanged in air, making screechy deafening sounds and one good Samaritan soul helping the needy with his/her own set of sacred chants tries to persuade the evil with, “Isse chhod do! Tum chali jao” (Leave her alone! Go away!!)? That too when we already have impactful exorcism scenes in numerous horror classics! With such plenty of ripped-off references from the past formulaic horror flicks; defined deliciously as ‘horrex’, RAGINI MMS 2 fails big time to chill your bones and ends up tickling your funny bones unintentionally with stupidity scattered allover and boredom that comes from the lack of originality in plot.

    Taking clues from its previous part, RAGINI MMS 2 takes you back at the same haunted house where Uday [the Rajkumar Rao of now] has lost his life while implementing his sleazy idea to shoot his personal moments with his girlfriend Ragini [Kainaz]. Ragini is now in a mental asylum and an irritatingly over-excited filmmaker [Parvin Dabas hams like anything] wants to make a film on the same. In his explanation, this would be a well-balanced mishmash of horror and sex that will leave you in your best of confusion to either go to your mother in holy-scare or to your girlfriend to satisfy your urge for dirty pleasures. This is probably the most honest announcement for all the viewers as what to expect from it. Get confused and return unfulfilled with neither being a solid punch in the name of entertainment!

    Film also has been written, as to rationalize and defend its main lead Sunny Leone’s past line of work and her way in to Bollywood. She interestingly plays herself in the film. And where everyone else in the cast & crew make comments on her real life (In one scene, the director of the film in the film reacts on her instinct to have some research before playing the character, “Research? Yeh Porno se Rituporno kabse bann gayi?”), she takes on everyone with an enactment of a fake-orgasm scene to make her point of it being all a part of one’s profession. For the rest, either she’s roaming around in her skimpy pieces of silken lingerie or being extremely physical with most (She was even made to kiss Sandhya Mridul for literally no reason to have enough justification). At best, it is a 2-hour long Sunny Leone showreel!

    Talking about performances in such mediocre film would be wasting one’s time and effort but if anyone could really manage to pull it till the status of ‘likeability’, it is Sandhya Mridul. Cast as an animated starlet who adds an extra‘s’ in each word she bound to speak, Mridul responsibly slips into the character and provides a couple of genuinely laughs with her contagious flare of immense energy. Sunny looks astoundingly hot and does precisely what most would love to see her doing!

    Overall, it is a bad follow-up to an impressively performed & directed first part which was again a rip-off from ‘THE BLAIR WITCH REPORT’ and ‘PARANORMAL ACTIVITY’. This one pays its tribute to ‘EXORCIST’ & ‘THE SHINING’ and many others in the most forgettable manner. Only for people with weak hearts and even weaker sense of entertainment! [2/5]

    1. Gaurav da consistent reviewer here watch laxmi.. super movie bro.. one of our types.

    2. I want it badly...but lesser number of shows and not feasible timings are killing it. will sure whenever be able to...thanks brother :)

  10. @ Gaurav Rai,
    How can you watch Ragini MMS-2 and not Kuknoor's Lakshmi.
    Bad taste brother!

  11. @Gaurav Rai,
    Please dont even take name of "THE SHINING"..cos its one of the finest work of Sir STANLEY KUBRIC.
    bad taste brother...

  12. bro someone copying u here http://www.9interest.com/2014/03/ragini-mms-2-review.html

  13. You don’t see it often in Bollywood when horror gets combined with sex. Ekta Kapoor is back with the sequel of her controversial film ‘Ragini MMS’ with a promise of even more masala this time. The tagline itself says “Do mein jyaada maza hai”. The big question is: Does it delivers?

    The story begins when film maker Rocks (Parvin Dabas) announces a film on the popular Ragini MMS scandal. He signs porn star Sunny (Sunny Leone) to play the role of Ragini. The film is set to be shot on the same farmhouse where the scandal happened. Sunny also visits Ragini, who is in a mental asylum since the incident, for research purposes on the character. A psychiatrist (Divya Dutta) is also trying to research on the Ragini case to get to the root of this mystery. Meanwhile, the crew reaches the haunted house where a lot of supernatural activities happen to them.

    Is Ragini MMS actually scary? Well, not at all! The film actually mixes and matches the scenes of the popular horror movies. Plus, it is anyways predictable.
    Looking onto the other side of a coin i.e. in terms of sex appeal Ragini MMS is easily a 9 on 10 with respect to Bollywood standards. The scenes are raunchy and grubby. Now this is a plus point for audiences going in for such a purpose.

    Sunny Leone easily convinces in terms of her sex appeal. The acting part gets even worse though. She can hardly say those hindi dialogues. Saahil Prem, Parvin Dabas and Divya Dutta are average. Not so popular actors, Sandhya Mridul and Karan Mehra do a decent job.

    Ragini MMS 2 fulfills the promise of being better than its prequel. But it is a disappointment in terms of the actual ‘horror movie’ standards. Avoid it!

    Rating- 2/5

    Log on to www.rohitrupani.blogspot.in for more reviews

  14. why people are reading such reviews.. if you want to watch movie just go for it.. don't listen to any reviews.. don't be dependent any reviews.. it is just game of money..

  15. i am 17, i review for fun. just an interest if possible check my page on facebook, you might like it.

  16. Anupama chopra..u gave dhoom 3 a 3 star n highway a 2 n half....r u serious.jab aap kisi movi ko rate karte ho to kya aap apne pichle movie ke saath examin nahi krte ho.frm wch angle u see dhoom 3 a better film thn highway.i think its a best movie I saw this year till now.i js saw ur review on ragini mms 2.u gave it 2 star.ya its not high bt its higher thn its prequel who u gave only 1 n half.ragini mms I guess horror joner me sabse achi film thi jo india me bani hai.ive been following urs n tajeev masand reviews frm years.bt now wn I get deeply into thm u hav lotta loop holes in ur reviews.gaurav rai hre can giv a better review thn u.

  17. Nice Post about ragini mms 2. My Favorite actress is Sunny Leone.


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