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Ragini MMS 2 Three Weeks (21 Days) Box Office Collection ( Hit Ya Flop)


Ragini MMS 2 Three Weeks  Box Office Collection

Total Till date collection:

Trade Figure:
India Total: Rs 46.59 Crore nett

Week 3: 1.03 Crore

Day 1: 8.25 Crore Nett

Day 2 : Rs 6.97 Crore Nett
Day 3: Rs 7.88 Crore Nett
Day 4: Rs 3.87 Crore Nett
Day 5: Rs 3.67 Crore nett
Day 6: Rs 3.37 Crore nett
Day 7 : Rs 3.17 Crore nett
Day 8: Rs 1.27 Crore Nett
Day 9: Rs 1.59 Crore Nett
Day 10: Rs 2.04 Crore nett
Day 11: Rs  1.02 Crore nett
Day 12: Rs 0.91 Crore nett
Day 13: Rs 0.81 Crore nett
Day 14: Rs 0.73 Crore nett

Producer Figure:
Ten Days Total: Rs 45.88 Crore nett
Second Sunday: 2.75  Crore Nett

Overseas: Is a washout

It had a good Weekdays and a solid wednesday and has sustained much better than Jism 2  and with its low costs being a plus it is trending to be a success.

Total Landing Cost: 18 Crore
Production Budget: 12 crore
Prints +Advertising Cost= 6 Crore


Comparative First Weekend:
Ragini MMS 2: 23.11 Crore
Jism 2:  20.5 Crore
Jackpot: 3 Crore
Ragini MMS: 5.5 Crore

Ragini MMS 2 had a great opening day but on Saturday it had a  drop of  15%  but on Sunday collections were higher again giving it a good weekend.

Collections make it the highest first weekend collections  for a Sunny Leone movie.

Jism 2 also had a good weekend but it crashed after the weekend Monday will determine where is Ragini MMS 2 headed if it sustains it will be a big hit but otherwise it is already set to be profitable for distributors and exhibitors.

Ragini MMS 2 had its best performances in single screens  where it has a huge craze but  multiplexes remained strictly average

The opening day collection are highest  for a Sunny Leone Movie as well as third highest opening of 2014 after Jai Ho and Gunday.

Horror+ Chartbuster songs worked in its favor and the opening day has ensured that movie will be success but it remains to be seen if it is a major hit or crashes later on.

Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and  multiplex owners.

Producer Figure:  Official Figures given out by  producers of the movie is usually found to be higher than trade figure.

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