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Gabbar is Back Vs Holiday Box Office Collection.

Gabbar is Back Vs Holiday Box Office Collections Comparison

This is comparison of box office collection of Gabbar is back and Holiday for  First Day, First Weekend and till date both in India and Overseas.

Movie Summary

 Budget +P&ARs 90 CroreRs 72 Crore 
 Opening Day (Trade Figure)11.66 CroreRs 12.27 Crore 
 Opening Day (Producer Figure)12.18 CroreRs 13.05 Crore 
 First Weekend (Trade Figure)Rs 40.23 CroreRs 38.13 Crore
 First Weekend (Producer Figure)Rs 41.32 CroreRs 39.41 Crore
  First Weekend Overseas$ 1.79 Mn $1.5 Million
First Week (Trade Figure)66.33 Crore58.52 Crores
First Week (Producer Figure)68.63 Crore59.86 Crores
 Lifetime Worldwide Collections (Trade Figure)Rs 165.1 Crore 114.44 Crores
 Lifetime Worldwide Collections (Producer Figure)Rs 173.53 Crore  
 Lifetime India Collection (Trade figure  )110.01 Crore
 Lifetime India Collection (Producer figure  )112.45 Crore
  First Week Overseas$ 2.85 Mn 
  Lifetime Overseas$ 4.02 Mn  —

Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and  multiplex owners.

All Comparison done with Trade Figures
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