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Tenet Review

User Rating: 2.87
Tenet Review India

Average Ratings:2.87/5
Score: 62% Positive
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Ratings:4/5 Review By: Ronak Site:Times Of India

Just like most Nolan films, this one too demands full attention from its viewer, yet there is no guarantee you will comprehend the film’s nuanced narrative in its totality. But that doesn’t take away from enjoying the cinematic experience of Nolan’s vivid imagination that is skillfully portrayed on the big screen. The secret to enjoy ‘Tenet’ lies in what a scientist, who is explaining inversion tells the Protagonist, “Don’t try to understand, feel it.”

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Narika Site:India Today

Visually, Tenet is not Interstellar. Yet, there are several stunning frames in this Christopher Nolan film that demand big-screen viewing. Tenet is mounted on a massive budget, and the frames speak of it. Watching it in theatres certainly will add an awe factor. But whether you chose to watch it in theatres or wait for it to release on an OTT platform, one thing’s for sure – Tenet isn’t a one-time watch, for more reasons than Nolan .. err, one. A wrinkle in our psyche, that’s all.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Andrew Site:Firstpost

There is spectacle to be had here, and at its best moments, it is every bit as huge and thrilling as any other film in Nolan’s filmography. But the bulk of the movie, largely spent getting to those moments, is a drab and bewildering slog. It is Christopher Nolan’s least-engaging film in years, and it is certainly not worth putting your life on the line to see it in theatres — if for no other reason than you will probably need subtitles to understand what anybody’s saying. Otherwise, the credits will roll and the plot will still be a mystery to you.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By: Shalini Site:Indian Express

Not every film requires the bending of space and time. However, even as he turns out a regular run-of-the-mill James Bond-ish thriller, Christopher Nolan can’t resist the temptation. The result is a film that is so underwhelming and so over-confusing that, more than once, more than one character, insists, “Don’t try to understand it.” One of them even goes on to add, “Just feel it”, though even that is hard to do

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Ratings: Review By: Rohan Site:Hindustan Times

You should be instantly suspicious of anyone who claims to have understood Tenet after having watched it just once. Heck, you should doubt their every word even if they say they’ve seen it thrice. Enigmatic to a fault and exhaustingly dense, Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi spectacle leaves you with the unshakable feeling that you walked into the screening 15 minutes late.

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Ratings: Review By: Mini Site:The Hindu

Kenneth Branagh is Sator, complete with the rage, control, the great grief and accent — when can we hear him say “murder-rug” as Poirot in Death on the Nile? Douglas Adams’ Restaurant at the End of the Universe is a perfect marriage of space and time just like Tenet is a jolly meeting of James Bond and Alice in Wonderland. Tenet works as a dizzying ride on the Heart of Gold powered by the Infinite Improbability Drive. Yeah baby yeah!

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Tenet Story:

A secret agent embarks on a dangerous, time-bending mission to prevent the start of World War III.

Tenet Release Date:

Dec 4, 2020 ( India) in Theaters

Tenet Cast:

John David Washington
Robert Pattinson
Elizabeth Debicki
Dimple Kapadia
Michael Caine
Kenneth Branagh

Christopher Nolan

Emma Thomas
Christopher Nolan

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