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Saat Uchakkey Movie Review

Saat Uchakkey  Movie Review 

Saat Uchakkey Movie Review

Average Ratings:2.33/5
Score: 33% Positive
Reviews Counted:6

Ratings:2/5 Review By:Sarit Site:Hindustan Times

It is disheartening to see talented actors like Manoj Bajpayee and Kay Kay Menon succumbing to playing lousy characters in a loud and absurd film that pretends to be funny. Barring the authentic setting (narrow bylanes of old Delhi), nothing really works in the film’s favour. Bajpayee’s haircut is as hideous as the film’s dialogues.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:Renuka Site:Times Of India

What if Ocean’s Eleven was set in the narrow lanes of Old Delhi? What if, instead of the suave, sophisticated Danny Ocean and Rusty Ryan, you had good-for-nothing Dilli laundas in charge of a heist? The sort who while away their days doing odd jobs or not very much at all, try to hit on neighbourhood girls, crack lewd jokes, and swear twice per sentence.In its character portrayal, in capturing Old Delhi, in its cheap, but real, humour, is the film’s high point. But it is wasted in a story that is too long, and that runs out of ideas during the actual heist

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By:Saibal Site:NDTV

Saat Uchakkey is a comic caper gone wrong. It seeks to blend wicked wit, wild flights of fancy and gritty realism. The outcome is well shy of productive. That is rather sad because the talent on view, both off and on the screen, is anything but lightweight. Saat Uchakkey is far too undercooked a broth to pass for what it wants to be – a zany, off-the-beaten-track entertainer. It veers off the rails all too quickly and never returns anywhere close to getting back on course. Stay out of the way.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By:Shalini Langer Site:Indian Express

God who may be mad, an Anupam Kher who lives in a haveli a Muslim woman claims is hers, and a Kalawati who exists only in dreams. There is more going on in Sanjeev Sharma’s Saat Uchakkey than meets the eyes and, yes — despite the Censor’s objections — the ears. Sift through the abuses, those that have survived 90 cuts and a three-year wait for release, and the film is a delightful slice of life from that new pet haunt of filmmakers, Old Delhi.

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Ratings:1.5/5 Review By:Shaheen Parker Site:Mid Day

‘Saat Uchakkey’ could well be a crash course in abusive rant. Okay, there are people out there who cannot complete a full sentence without resorting to a cuss word. It is nothing to be alarmed about in their world since everyone talks that way. So, what’s the film about, apart from that? A bunch of seven guys wanting to get rich, by hook or by crook. It could have been a laugh riot, considering three talented actors (Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon and Vijay Raaz), known for their histrionics, headlining the cast. Sadly, it isn’t. Filmed entirely in the old lanes of the capital, this film will only end up giving you a Delhi belly.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By:Rachit Gupta Site:Filmfare

Saat Uchakkey is a real surprise package. This reasonably under sold movie has a lot of endearing goodness and the kind of satirical silly humour that made movies like Jaane Bhi Do Yaro and Kholsa Ka Ghosla such classics. It may not be the most polished product but it is a gem nonetheless, a funny movie with the right amount of weirdness and outrageous ideas. All presented in an honest and crazy manner. This One’s sure to con you into having a good time.

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Saat Uchakkey Story:  

Saat Uchakkey is a comedy about seven thieves who are proud of their profession, and the complications they get into.Petty crooks blunder their way through mystery, greed and treachery.

Saat Uchakkey  Release Date:

Oct 14 2016

 Director:  Sanjeev Sharma

Producer:   Wave Cinemas

Manoj Bajpayee
Anupam Kher
Kay Kay Menon
Annu Kapoor
Vijay Raaz
Aditi Sharma

Run Time:  2 hours and 19 Minutes

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