Khuda Haafiz Review

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Ratings:.3.5/5 Review By: Taran Adarsh Site:Twitter

Smart writing… Absorbing moments… Big canvas, stunning visuals [#Uzbekistan]… Director Faruk Kabir succeeds in keeping you hooked… #VidyutJammwal delivers his career-best act, packs a punch. #KhudaHaafiz is embellished with a strong supporting cast, each character also gets the #Arabic-#Hindi diction spot on: #AnnuKapoor is top notch… #ShivPanditt excels… #AahanaKumra is first-rate… #ShivaleekaOberoi radiates innocence and acts well

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Ratings:. Review By: Anupama Chopra Site:Filmcompanion

Faruk works hard to imbue a gritty realism into the narrative but ultimately Khuda Haafiz falls into that same silliness that Vidyut Jammwal action movies often do. Logic exits the frame. The villains become more outlandish. Nargis, despite her ordeal, continues to look surprisingly fresh-faced and healthy. Indian actors like Shiv Panditt and Aahana Kumra playing Noman locals with clumsy accents doesn’t help. Neither does the stilted dialogue .Khuda Haafiz wants to be both – an emotional love story and an unflinching action drama but it falls somewhere between the two.

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Ratings:.1.5/5 Review By: Shubhra  Site:Indian Express

How do you get an action star to play a common man forced into situations where he has to use his fists-and-fangs but not like an action star, and still be credible?That’s the dilemma that Khuda Haafiz grapples with right through, as Jammwal slaloms between being a Lucknow-based software engineer working honestly for a living, and a desperate husband in search of his missing wife in a fictional Middle East country called Noman.There was potential here to make it a racy rescue mission, between a vicious gang of flesh-traders and the good guy, but the film feels dated, and at two hours plus, it’s much too long.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Saibal Site:NDTV

Vidyut Jammwal sheds his Commando skin and assumes the guise of an ordinary man faced with an extraordinary crisis. But, pitted against human traffickers in a fictional Arab nation, he still has to do plenty of huffing and puffing in Khuda Haafiz. In the process of drawing blood and breaking bones, he, in marked departure from past practice, has to reckon with self-doubt, confusion and blowbacks. The action star slows down perceptibly to match the drift of the thriller written and directed by Faruk Kabir. But the film itself is far too beset with plot contrivances to be able to lend the protagonist’s mission the requisite intrigue and intensity.

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Ratings:.2.5/5 Review By: Pallabi Site:Times Of India

‘Khuda Haafiz’ — literal meaning ‘May God be your Guardian’ — does not have the most innovative script on the planet but it still could have worked had it not been for the randomness in the second half and the outrageously sham Arabic accents. Watch it for Vidyut flexing his muscles in the most amusing way imaginable, peeps!

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Ratings:.2/5 Review By: Kunal Guha Site:Mumbai Mirror

For an all-out action thriller, there’s a lot of fast-paced sucker punches and knife jabs thrown in with a generous dose of bullet showers. But somehow, it all doesn’t add up. Even with Hindi cinema’s suspension of reality, particularly on how much an action hero can endure, catching a bullet in the jugular in 2020 cannot be bandaged in the following scene. Even Khuda wouldn’t approve of it.

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Ratings:.3/5 Review By: DNA Web Team Site:DNA

‘Khuda Haafiz’ is disappointing but has its moments, especially when Vidyut is in action with Nawab Shah. Annu Kapoor also steals the show. If you really want to see the movie, skip the first half and begin watching after 1:00:00 hours.

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Ratings:.3/5 Review By: Hungama  Site:Bollywood Hungama

The film moves at a great pace and the focus is on the principle plot from start to finish. But there are times when the film moves too fast and hence, one might not get emotionally attached to certain characters. Faruk Kabir’s dialogues are decent.On the whole, KHUDA HAAFIZ is a well-paced action thriller that works chiefly due to the script, direction and performances of Vidyut Jammwal and Annu Kapoor.

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Khuda Haafiz Story:

A newly married couple’s life falls in jeopardy when the wife goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Khuda Haafiz Release Date:

Aug 14, 2020 ( India) straight to Hotstar

Khuda Haafiz Cast:

Vidyut Jammwal
Shivaleeka Oberoi
Annu Kapoor
Shiv Panditt
Aahana Kumra

Faruk Kabir

Kumar Mangat Pathak
Abhishek Pathak

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