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October Budget & Box Office Collection: Lowest For Varun Dhawan

October Budget &  Box Office Collection

October Budget &  Box Office CollectionVarun Dhawan’s October is his lowest opener till date as well as lowest first week ever for Varun Dhawan

Third Week:
3 Crore Trade Figure

40.5 Crore Trade Figure
35.55 Crore Producer Figure

Day 14:
0.7 Crore Trade Figure

Day 13:
0.7 Crore Trade Figure

Day 12:
0.7 Crore Trade Figure

Day 11:
0.8 Crore Trade Figure

Day 10:
3 Crore Trade Figure

Day 9:
2.5 Crore Trade Figure
3.42 Crore Producer Figure

Day 8:
1.35 Crore Trade Figure
1.89 Crore Producer Figure

Day 7:
1.75 Crore Trade Figure
2.25 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6:
2.1 Crore Trade Figure
2.43 Crore Producer Figure

Day 5:
2.4 Crore Trade Figure
2.61 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4:
2.5 Crore Trade Figure
2.7 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3:
7.5 Crore Trade Figure
7.74 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2:
7 Crore Trade Figure
7.47 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1:
4.5 Crore Trade Figure
5.04 Crore Producer Figure

Trade Expectations: 7-8 Crore opening

October will rely on word of mouth to be a success at box office.

October  Budget

October  is  estimated to be made on a budget of Rs 45 Crores all inclusive of prints and advertising cost with Varun Dhawan taking a salary cut from his market price so as to make the movie possible.

Cost of Production: 35 Crores

Prints & Advertising Cost: 10 Crore

October  Screens

October   is opening on 2308 screens worldwide

India: 1683 screens
Overseas: 625 screens

October  Hit or Flop

October will be considered a hit if it crosses 55 Crores and will be considered average if it crosses 45 Crores

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