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Tiger Zinda Hai 13th Day Box Office Collection: Second Wednesday

Tiger Zinda Hai 13th Day  Box Office Collection

Tiger Zinda Hai 13th Day  Box Office Collection

 Tiger Zinda Hai 13th day box office collections saw a good hold on second Wednesday but was effected by protests in Mumbai and Maharashtra

Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection Day 13:
5.75 Crore Trade Figure
5.83 Crore Producer Figure

285.95 Crore Trade Figure
286.46 Crore Producer Figure

Second Wednesday saw a drop in box office collections of Tiger Zinda Hai  of around 25% from second Tuesday which is mostly due to protests in Maharashtra

Tuesday to Wednesday Maharashtra alone is down by 60-70% while rest of India is down by 5-10%.

Protests in Maharashtra meant what was a 6-7 Crore Wednesday  has dropped by 1 Crore to 5-6 Crore Tuesday

Worldwide Box Office Collection of Tiger Zinda Hai

470 Crore gross + for 12 days
450 Crore gross or $70.31 Million worldwide in 11 days as per Yash Raj Films

Tiger Zinda Hai Overseas Box Office Collection 
$15.15 Million or Rs 97 Crore gross   for 10 days as per Yash Raj Films

In 7 days Tiger Zinda Hai is already 2nd Highest Grossing movie of 2017

Tiger Zinda Hai has crossed Kick to be  6th Highest grossing movie of all time on 100 Crore Club

Tiger Zinda Hai is already 7th Highest grossing movie of all time worldwide

Day Wise Breakup of Tiger Zinda Hai  Box Office Collection 

Day 12:
7.75 Crore Trade Figure
7.83 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 11:
18 Crore Trade Figure
18.04 Crore Producer Figure

Day 10:
21.9 Crore Trade Figure
21.92 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 9:
14.9 Crore Trade Figure
14.92 Crore Producer Figure

Day 8:
11.5 Crore Trade Figure
11.56 Crore Producer Figure

Day 7:
15.4 Crore Trade Figure
15.42 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6:
17.5 Crore Trade Figure
17.55 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 5:
21.5 Crore Trade Figure
 21.6 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4:
36.5 Crore Trade Figure
36.54 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3:
45.5 Crore Trade Figure
45.53 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2:
35.25 Crore Trade Figure
35.3 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 1:
34 Crore Trade Figure
34.1 Crore Producer Figure

Budget: 150 Crores

Box Office Verdict: Already a   Blockbuster and now heading towards All Time Blockbuster  status

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