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Skiptrace Movie Review

Skiptrace  Movie Review

Skiptrace Movie Review

Average Ratings:2.67/5

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By:Gavin Site:TOI

This movie is quite delightfully off its rocker. For example, where else will you get to listen to a Mongolian village singing a cover of Adele’s Rolling In the Deep? And for that matter, where else will you actually get to hear Jackie Chan actually sing?The latter scene has him exercising his vocal chops while completely inebriated. And you’d be right in thinking that he would have to be in that kind of state to sing. Knoxville looks bewildered for most of the movie. If you like Jackie Chan’s brand of cinema, make no mistake; you will enjoy this.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:Rachit Gupta Site:Filmfare

If you haven’t heard about Skiptrace, it’s a buddy action movie featuring Jackie Chan. Hollywood’s obnoxious comedy and gag expert Johnny Knoxville fills into the buddy part. Jackie Chan is an expert at these sorts of films; he’s had the Rush Hour series with Chris Tucker and the Shanghai Knights series with Owen Wilson. While both actors are in their comfort zone, that does not translate into any sort of goodness for the movie. Skiptrace suffers from amateur execution, listless writing and the burden of its socio-political ambitions.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By:IANSSite:Statesman

Designed as a road-trip, action-adventure assembly, the film is a casual, worn-out pot-boiler that offers no novelty.The over-the-top action sequences which includes a major destruction of the set piece or the floating in the river scene, gives you a feeling of having seen it earlier, in many other films.The only saving grace in the film are the beautiful landscapes and a song sequence in Mongolia that is beautifully captured by cinematographer Chan Chiying’s lens.Overall, watch Skiptrace only if you are a Jackie Chan fan.

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Skiptrace Story: 

A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle a Chinese criminal.

Jackie Chan as Benny Chan
Fan Bingbing as Samantha
Johnny Knoxville as Connor Watts
Eric Tsang as Yung
Eve Torres as Dasha

 Release Dates: Sep 2 2016 ( India)

Director:  Renny Harlin

Running time: 1h 28 min

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