Sarabjit Budget & Day 14 Box Office Collection: Low

Sarabjit Budget & Twelve Days Box Office Collections

 Sarabjit Box Office Collections

Day 14:
0.35 Crore Trade Figure

Total :
25.4 Crore Trade Figure
27.38 Crore Producer Figure

478,000 USD or Rs 3.22 crore which is way worse than even Jazbaa which had done $1.2 Million or Rs 7.8 Crore in its opening weekend

Day 13:
0.45 Crore Trade Figure

Day 12:
0.5 Crore Trade Figure

Day 11:
0.7 Crore Trade Figure
0.71 Crore Producer Figure

Day 10:
2 Crore Trade Figure
2.03 Crore Producer Figure

Day 9:
1.4 Crore Trade Figure
1.45 Crore Producer Figure

Day 8:
1 Crore Trade Figure
1.1 Crore Producer Figure

Day 7:
1.5 Crore Trade Figure
1.75 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6:
1.75 Crore Trade Figure
1.91 Crore Producer Figure

Day 5:
2 Crore Trade Figure
2.1 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4:
2.09 Crore Producer Figure
2 Crore Trade Figure

Friday to Monday drop is only 33% but it is highly unlikely to go anywhere with these low numbers

Sarabjit was lower than X Men  even on Monday


Opening Weekend Numbers of Sarabjit are 16th Highest of 2016 if only bollywood movies are taken and is 22nd  Highest if hollywood movies are also taken

Sarabjit despite the growth was lower than X Men on Saturday and Sunday also

Day 3:
5.71 Crore Producer Figure
4.75  Crore Trade Figure

Day 2:
4.56 Crore Producer Figure
4  Crore Trade Figure

Sarabjit Grew by 33 % from Friday to Saturday.

Multiplexes grew Strongly on Saturday especially In North India across Punjab and Delhi.

Day 1:
3.69 Crore Producer Figure
3 Crore Trade Figure

Sarabjit ‘s opening is one of the lowest of 2016 with lower opening day numbers than even box office disasters like Fitoor and Sanam Re

Sarabjit has opened much lower than director’s last biopic Mary Kom which had opened to a very strong 7.58 Crores Trade Figure at box office in India.

This marks another week where a big budget hollywood release has opened better than bollywood one

Sarabjit tackles a Punjabi story still its opening in Punjab and Delhi which are big markets is weak.

Punjabi movie kaptaan has also eaten into Sarabjit’s opening by taking up lot of screens.

Sarabjit has good timing for its release as it has two open weeks with a weak opposition next week but should have a good word of mouth to sustain

Sarabjit Budget

Sarabjit Budget is 30 Crores all inclusive

Sarabjit is a smartly budgeted movie


Sarabjit Overseas

Fairly Poor

Australia box office: 5,966 USD [4.02 lacs] from 17 screens

New Zealand box office: 3,374 USD [2.27 lacs] from 7 screens

United Kingdom box office: 13,145 USD [8.86 lacs] from 27 screens.

U.S.A box office: 22,022 USD [14.87 lacs] from 66 screens. Some screens yet to report

Canada box office: 8,931 USD [6.02 lacs] from 18 screens. Some screens yet to report

Sarabjit Screens

1400 Screens approx in India

Sarabjit Hit or Flop

Sarabjit has very good economics but should cross 35 Crores to be called a hit.


Sarabjit Trade Expectations

Sarabjit has very good expectations from Trade with hopes of rising after a weak opening.

Friday 4-6  Crore

Weekend: 20 Crores

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