Deadpool 10 Days India Box Office Collections : Beats Sanam Re and Fitoor

Deadpool Budget  & India Box Office Collections

Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccar starrer Deadpool has opened very well in top metros in India.
Weekend 2
6 Crore Trade Figure
 6.5 Crore Studio Figure ( All Languages)

27 Crore Trade Figure( All Languages)

29.02 Crores Studio Figure ( All Languages)

Deadpool beat both Sanam Re and fitoor and was highest grosser of the week.

Trade is not too happy about a hollywood movie beating a bollywood one and hence reporting is limited.

Day 4
2.75 Crore Trade Figure
2.87 Crore Studio Figure

Day 3

5 Crore Trade Figure
5.25 Crore Studio Figure

Deadpool was highest grossing movie this weekend though on Valentine Day both Fitoor and Sanam Re did better.

Day 2

4.9 Crores Studio Figure ( All Languages)
4.75 Crore Trade Figure

Day 1
4.1 Crores Studio Figure ( All Languages)
4 Crore Trade Figure

Deadpool comfortably beat both Sanam Re and Fitoor to be highest grossing movie at Indian box office.

Deadpool has done well in English versions and in metros  while the regional versions have had a bad start.

Delhi, Mumbai ,Hyderabad and Bangalore were the major markets.

Though Producers of Sanam Re have a different figure.

Deadpool Budget

Deadpool has a production Budget of $58 Million

Deadpool US & International

In US Deadpool is on tack  to have a $113.5 Million opening weekend as per estimates inclusive of $12.7 Million in Thursday previews and is set to be the biggest february Opening of all time at US Box Office.

In rest of the world Deadpool has started off to $14 Million opening day.

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