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Hate Story 3 Lifetime Box Office Collections:

Box Office Collections Of Hate Story 3 

Hate Story 3 Saturday (Day 2) Box Office Collections
Hate Story 3 Poster

41.54 crore trade figure

49.45 crore producer figure  for 10 days

Day 14:
0.58 Crore trade figure

Day 13:
0.6 Crore trade figure

Day 12:
0.62 Crore trade figure

Day 11:
0.66 Crore trade figure

Day 10:
2.52 Crore trade figure
2.75 Crore  producer figure

Day 9:
1.99 Crore trade figure
2.25 Crore  producer figure

Day 8:
1.32 Crore trade figure
2.25 crore producer figure

First week box office collections of hate Story are 20th highest of 2015 as per trade figure

Day 7:
2 Crore trade figure
3.28 crore producer figure

Day 6:
2.2 Crore trade figure

3.75 crore producer figure

Day 5
3.95 crore Producer Figure
2.95 crore trade figure

Day 4
4.4 crore Producer Figure
3.52 crore trade figure

Day 3
9.05 crore Producer Figure
7.54 crore trade figure


Day 2 Box Office Collections: 
7.02 Crore Trade Figure
8.05 Crores Producer Figure

Day 1 :
9.72 Crores Producer Figure
8.02 Crore Trade Figure

Hate Story 3 went down by 15% from its day 1 at India Box Office but despite the drop the collections are pretty good.

Hate Story 3 Collections  started to go down from friday evening. and continued to drop on Saturday.

UP, Bihar and MP are its best circuits but even in those circuits a noticeable drop could be seen.

Sunday might see some limited growth from Saturday but its best case would be a number which is close to the opening day

Looking at the trends this movie will likely struggle to go beyond the opening weekend.

The best a movie in erotica category has done has been Ragini MMS 2 which had collected 46 crores but was backed by Hit Music.

 Hate Story 3 has an opening day number similar to Ragini MMS 2 and would hope to reach a similar number in lifetime which if achieved would make it a good success.

Hate Story 3 Screens:
2690 screens Pan India

Interestingly the original Hate story had released in only 1078 screens while Hate Story 2 had released in 1955 screens while this one has reached 2690 screens

Hate Story 3 Budget:

Total: 24 Crores

Officially stated budget by the producers is 13.2 Crores but that is without any salaries.

Actual budget including all the costs is Rs 24 crores

17 crores  Production costs including salaries and 7 Crores prints and advertising costs

This is the highest ever budget for the Hate Story movie series.

Since adult movies are not allowed on satellite without cuts it will not get anything from satellite markets with overseas also likely to be lower.

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