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Vacation Movie Review

Vacation Movie Review

Average Ratings:2.33/5

Reviews Counted: 4
Positive: 2
Negative : 2

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Ratings:3/5 Review By:GavinSite:TOI

The movie has plenty of genuinely funny moments. Their vehicle for starters, looks ready to fall apart at any time, with the voice of the GPS navigation system sounding like a hysterically angry samurai warrior. There’s also the part when they spend the night at Rusty’s sister Audrey’s (Leslie Mann) country home. Hemsworth has a full-on hamming-it-to-the-hilt role as a wealthy Southern gent who has a bourbon glass seemingly glued to his hand all day, is impossibly well-endowed and is a bull stud when in bed with Audrey. Apart from his cameo, you’ll also want to look out for a portly Chevy Chase’s turn here. Fancy a bunch of laughs? Go see it then.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:Shalini LangerSite:Indianexpress

The funniest part doesn’t involve any body part though but a broken heart. By the end of it, you may even find yourself cheering for the Griswolds. However, in this case the journey may not be worth the destination.

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Ratings:2/5 Review By:Mihir Fadnavis Site:Mid-day

The comedy is so mediocre even Ed Helms struggles to hold your attention. Chevy Chase in the original had this mad glint in his eye which made things all the more funny. Everyone in this film, Christina Applegate included simply go through the motions like robots. Chris Hemsworth makes a mildly interesting cameo as a weatherman but even he’s relegated to being part of erection jokes. This is not really a National Lampoons movie, this is a ‘Hangover’ sequel, and if you’ve watched the last two you can guess the quality of this one.

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Ratings:– Review By:BMS Editor Site:Bookmyshow

Christina Applegate is a delight to watch on screen and Ed Helms tries to do justice to his character, and to some extent, succeeds. Chris Hemsworth adds volumes to the visual appeal of the film. If only, he’d even brought laughs!

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Movie Name: Vacation

Synopsis:Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is a disenchanted pilot for Econo-Air, and he shares a very estranged relationship with his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate), and their two sons, the shy and anxious older son, James (Skyler Gisondo), and the cruel and mean-spirited younger son, Kevin (Steele Stebbins). Envious of the vacation the family of his friends, Jack (Keegan-Michael Key) and Nancy (Regina Hall), had in Paris, he decides to nix his family’s annual trip to their cabin in Cheboygan, Michigan and instead drive cross country to Walley World, just as he had years before with his parents and sister

Release Dates: Aug 14 2015

 Director: Jonathan Goldstein

Running time: 1h 39m

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