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Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation 10 Days India Box Office Collection: Good

10 Days:
$10.4 Million gross or Rs 67.94 Crore gross (studio figure)

This is equivalent to Rs 50 Crores nett approx.

Trade puts it at Rs 43 Crore

First Monday:
3 Crore Trade Figure

Total till date:
29.5 Crore  nett Trade Figure

Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation has slowed down and will remain below the top 3 grossers from Hollywood in 2015 which are fats and furious 7 , Jurassic world and Avengers


Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation had a very good   First Weekend at India Box Office

First Weekend India Box Office Collection
Studio figure:
$6.5 Million gross or Rs 41.4 Crores  gross
This is roughly equivalent to Rs 30 Crores nett
( This includes Thursday previews to sunday )

Trade Figure:
26.5 Crore  nett

Mission Impossible opened in 704 screens Pan india and had all time 4th Highest opening for an hollywood movie in India.

This is in fact a 57 % higher than Mission Impossible 4: Ghost protocol which despite featuring India had opened at which had opened at $4.14 Million  in India ( Studio figure)

This is all time biggest opening for Paramount International in India and comfortably beat all the hindi releases this week including the new bangistan

What is remarkable is that this opening has come despite big opposition  its Andhra/ telangana market. This shows the remarkable growth of Hollywood Movies in Indian markets


Mission Impossible 5 was number 1 even in its second weekend in USA with $29.4 Million beating Fantastic four which was the new release.

In 18 international markets that MI5 opened this week it topped in 17 countries except japan.

MI 5 from 56 countries including India has collected $156.7  Million.

Mission Impossible has also collected $108 Million in USA itself putting its worldwide total at $264 Million.

Thursday Paid previews :
3 Crore gross studio figure
1.5 Crore nett  Trade Figure

Friday :
10 Crore gross studio figure
6 Crore nett  Trade Figure

Mission Impossible 5 had a one week delayed release in India to prevent a clash with Ajay devgan’s Drishyam and to have screen space but that one week delay will cause a screen crunch in Anhdra instead.

Mission Impossible is a brand in India and Tom Cruise is very popular here with even the last film in the franchise doing well in India but the opening is not at same levels as a Fast and Furious 7 or even Avengers.

MI5 has a budget of $150 Million
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