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Baahubali 10 Days Worldwide Box Office Collections: 300 Crores

10 Days Worldwide:
305 Crore gross  approx from 4500 screens

10 Day Hindi total:
50 Crore nett  (Trade Figure)
60.12 Crore nett (producer figure)

Baahubali has set a record of being the first non bollywood movie to cross 300 crores worldwide.

It has now a distributor share of 160 Crore worldwide which is all time highest and double of what the previous highest telugu movie has.

Baahubali has crossed $6 Million in USA in its second weekend which is one of the highest ever

It is also the only non bollywood hindi dubbed movie to collect 50 crore in hindi market exceptions being the hollywood movies Fast and Furious 7.

It is now highest grossing Non bollywood ever beating Rajinikant’s Robo and Shankar’s I.

It is also 8th highest grossing Indian movie of all time.

Baahubali  Budget:
Baahubali is the most costliest movie of Indian cinema with a massive budget of 250 crores across both versions.

The budget for the first part is 130 crores inclusive of prints and advertising pan india.

First Week Worldwide:
255 Crore gross  approx from 4500 screens

4.75  Crore nett hindi (trade Figure)
6.12 Crore producer Figure

In hindi its collections are amongst all time highest for a dubbed  indian language movie.

It will however lose most of its screens in Hindi from today due to Bajrangi Bhaaijan.

It has achieved 100 crore in distributor share worldwide to become highest grossing telugu movie ever by distributor share.

5 Crore nett hindi (trade Figure)
6.05 Crore producer Figure

5.25 Crore nett hindi (Trade Figure)
6.15 Crore nett   (Producer figure)

5.5 Crore nett hindi (Trade Figure)
6.1 Crore nett hindi (Producer figure)

Weekend Final is 161.1 crore gross


It is 4th highest first weekend worldwide ever behind Dhoom 3, PK and Happy New year in gross collections

In  Nett terms its is  roughly between 98-100 crores nett only behind Dhoom 3 however tax rates variation means it is not the right measure of comparison.

It is highest ever for a telugu movie with a nett of Rs 65 Crores for telugu version (tax rates for a telugu movie is lower than that of a hindi movie in  AP/Telangana.)

3 Day Finals: 161.1 Crore

Breakup (Approx):
26 Crores Hindi gross
80 Crores Telugu gross  pan India
24 Crores Tamil version  gross  pan India
28.6 Crores Overseas gross
Kerala: 2.5 Crore gross


1.) Baahubali is fourth highest opening weekend ever for an Indian movie in gross collections

2.) Baahubali First Weekend Worldwide box office collections are all time highest for a telugu movie.

3.) Baahubali is now 3rd highest grossing  non bollywood movie worldwide (lifetime collections) behind only two tamil movies enthiran and  I  that too only in 3 days.

4) Baahubali is the first Indian movie to cross $4 Million in its weekend in USA beating bollywood biggies PK and Dhoom3.

Baahubali  US Box Office Collections:
Across  US Baahubali  has become the first ever Indian movie to cross $4 Million in its weekend. ( 4 days)

IN 3 days it had collected $3.456 Million ($ 3,456,605 [₹ 21.91 cr]) in telugu and $ 156,092 [₹ 98.92 lacs] in Tamil.

Rest of India (Hindi territories):

Baahubali Hindi Total collections: 
19.5 crore Trade Figure
22.35 Crore Producer Figure

Day 3:
9 Crore nett  Trade Report
10.11 Crore Producer Figure

Day 1:
4.25 Crore nett Trade Report
5.15 Crore Producer Figure

Day 2:
6.25 Crore nett Trade Report
7.09 Crore Producer Figure

The Huge Buzz  and media hype from from Day 1 Collections coverage has worked  very well for Baahubali in Hindi Belt.

With Karan Johar and Dharma onboard Baahubali  got a very wide release across 1750 screens. This screen count is highest ever for a dubbed movie.

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