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Pk Second Wednesday (13 Days) Worldwide Box Office Collection: Slight Drop

PK Second Wednesday Collection:
9.05 Crore ( Producer Figure)
9.02 Crore (Trade Figure)

13 days Total
264.82 Crore  (Producer Figure)

259.95 Crore (Trade Figure)

On wednesday some areas went up and some went down ending at a very slight drop on wednesday from Tuesday.

PK will beat Dhoom 3 All Time record by tomorrow.

Dhoom 3 Trade Figure
262.35 Crore (Trade Figure)

Dhoom 3 Producer Figure:
 Rs 284.27 Crore Nett  of which
 Hindi Version: Rs 271.48 Crore Nett Tamil+Telugu: Rs 12.79 Crore Nett

A drop of 20% was seen in some North Indian circuits with CI showing the heaviest drop but it was covered up as Mumbai went up heavily and the end result was a slight drop.

Overall Multiplex dominated Mumbai and Delhi were up while mass areas and smaller cities went down

We will see a better idea of PK’s trend today as Today is a national Holiday and should see a bump in collections especially in mass circuits

Total till 12 days:
255.77 Crore  (Producer Figure)
250.93 Crore (Trade Figure)

PK is 2nd Highest grossing movie in India here is the complete 100 crore club.

Pk is now First  on highest grossing movies of 2014 list

Pk is now 2nd on  Highest grossing movies of all time list Worldwide.

PK is 5th on Overseas Box Office All Time.

Budget: 90 Crores  (Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani have not taken fees and are on profit sharing)

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