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Dolly Ki Doli Eight Days Box Office Collection: Poor Second Friday

Dolly Ki Doli EIght Days Box Office Collection

Eight Days Total:
12.58 Crore (Trade Figure)

18.66 Crore (Producer Figure) for 7 Days

Eighth Day:
0.14 Crore (Trade Figure)

Dolly Ki Doli completely crashed on Second Friday

0.64 Crore ( Trade Figure)
0.8 Crore (Producer Figure)

Wednesday Sixth Day Collection:
0.78 Crore ( Trade Figure)

Tuesday Fifth Day Collection:
1.52 Crore (Producer Figure)
0.98 Crore ( Trade Figure)

Five Days Total:
11.02 Crore (Trade Figure)

16.81 Crore (Producer Figure) 

Monday Fourth Day Collection
4.54 Crore (Producer Figure)
2.76 Crore (Trade Figure)

On Monday despite the republic day holiday collections of Dolly Ki Doli fell from Sunday.

Sunday Third Day Collection
4.76 Crore (Producer Figure)
3.19 Crore (Trade Figure)

Dolly Ki Doli has a decent growth through the weekend but overall these numbers are lower than what Sonam’s last Khoobsurat did in its first weekend

Saturday Second Day Collection:
3.44 Crore (Producer Figure)
2.31 Crore  (Trade Figure)

Dolly Ki Doli grew from its low base on Friday but overall the number is still very low.

Dolly Ki Doli  had a very poor start at the box office.

First Day Box Office Collection:
1.78 Crore (Trade Figure)
2.55 Crore (Producer Figure)

Sonam Kapoor’s last Khoobsurat had opened at 2.5 Crores and Dolly Ki Doli has a opening day lower than that.

Dolly Ki Doli was very poor in most parts of India except for a few areas in North India

Dolly Ki Doli is completely dependent on growth coming in from word of mouth and extended holiday

Dolly Ki Doli made a very poor move to compete with baby which has meant collections would be effected .

Dolly Ki Doli had a release in 850+ screens  which is a decent number for a small movie in competition to a big movie.

Budget: 25 Crores inclusive of prints and advertising cost.

Dolly Ki Doli needs to gross more than 32 Crores to be safe.

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