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Haider Five Days Worldwide Box office Collection :Holds on Monday

Haider Five Days Box office Collection

Monday Collection:
4.25 Crore (Trade Figure)

5 Day Total:
28.14 Crore (Trade Figure)

Haider has held well on Monday and the trend is positive

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Sunday Collection:
6.18 Crore (Trade Figure)
7.23 Crore (Producer Figure)

4 Days Total:
23.89 Crore (Trade Figure)
26.78 Crore (Producer Figure)

Haider Grew again on Sunday and overall trend has been good for haider.

Haider has been best in Delhi/NCR

3 Days Total:
17.71 Crore (Trade Figure)
19.46 Crore (Producer Figure)

Day 3 Collection
5.5 Crore (Trade Figure)
6.38 Crore (Producer Figure)

Worldwide numbers so far:
Thursday +Friday : 0.5 Million or Rs 3 Crore
Gulf: $194,000 (1.2 Crore)
UK:0.22 Crore
Australia:0.10 Crore
USA+ Canada: $179,000  or Rs 1.09 Crore

Haider was slightly up in some circuits while was slightly down in other circuits on saturday.

Overall it looks that Haider had collections on similar level or slight fall on Saturday as compared to Friday.

All in all it looks that Haider has been accepted well in metros but in mass circuits it has found tough going

Haider Day 1 Collection: 
5.38 Crore (Trade Figure)
6.14 Crore (Producer Figure)

Day 2 Collection:
6.94 Crore (Producer Figure)
6.83 Crore (Trade Figure)

Two Days Total:
13.07 Crore (Producer Figure)
12.21 Crore (Trade Figure)

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  1. Wow! What a film, Haider!
    Shahid, your fans are very much proud of you.
    It will be a memorable and historical film, good luck.

  2. Thank God Indian audience showed interest in sensible movies also.

  3. Watched Haider on Friday.. found it a bit slow but nevertheless wanted to watch the entire movie because I wanted to know what happens next and how much more amazing could Shahid and Tabu be? Two of the finest actors of the industry with the rest of the brilliant cast… this movie is a Bollywood treasure!

  4. To those people who want to boycott Haider:
    The focus of this movie is NOT Indian Army or terrorism… the focus of this movie is the relationship between a mother and a son, the focus is the revenge he seeks to take. Its a brilliant movie which haunts you long after you finish watching it. Personally, I didn't think that Indian Army was being "bad" in what they did. Neither do they ever say that what Haider's dad did was right. That has been left to our judgement. If we are already biased in our opinions then of course we will see what we want to see.

  5. Brilliant Acting!!! Feel like watching a Hollywood Movie..

  6. Haider is mind blowing movie ……..
    Bang bang just for action .
    but to see real action amd acting go to watched haider …
    best acting of shahid kapoor in all actor of hollywood and bollywood……
    haider ..mera intekaal lena ….I

  7. Haider good movie.
    Store is nice.

  8. Bro its not intekaal its inteqaam ..means revenge &intekaal means death. .. Haider mera inteqaam lena mere bhai se uski dono ankhon me goliya dagna jisne tumhare maa per fareb dale the..

  9. I saw bang bang today and finally I get to know that haider is far better film then bb got and watch masterpiece called haidrr.

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