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Haider Eight Days Box office Collection: Low Thursday

Haider Eight Days Box office Collection

Thursday Collection:
1.74 Crore (Trade Figure)
2.55 Crore (Producer Figure)

8 Day Total:
35.48 Crore (Trade Figure)
41 Crore (Producer Figure)

8 day total is decent and it should have a decent second and third week

Wednesday Collection:
2.5 Crore(Trade Figure)
3.07 Crore (producer Figure)

Haider is steady but at low levels on wednesday.

7 day week  of Haider is 13th highest of 2014

Tuesday Collection:
3.1 Crore  (Trade Figure)
3.57 Crore (Producer Figure)

6 Day Total
31.24 Crore (Trade Figure)
35.38 Crore (Producer Figure)

Haider has held well on Tuesday and the trend is positive.

On Tuesday Haider went down slightly in metros but stayed at same levels in other areas as Monday.

Haider seems set to retain screens for week 2

All in all it looks that Haider has been accepted well in metros but in mass circuits it has found tough going

Haider Day 1 Collection: 
5.38 Crore (Trade Figure)
6.14 Crore (Producer Figure)

Day 2 Collection:
6.94 Crore (Producer Figure)
6.83 Crore (Trade Figure)

Day 3 Collection
5.5 Crore (Trade Figure)
6.38 Crore (Producer Figure)

Sunday Collection:
6.18 Crore (Trade Figure)
7.23 Crore (Producer Figure)

Monday Collection:
4.25 Crore (Trade Figure)
5.03 Crore (Producer Figure)

5 Day Total:
28.14 Crore (Trade Figure)
31.81 Crore (Producer Figure)

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