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Bang Bang First Day Box Office Collection: 5th Highest All Time

Bang Bang  First Day Box Office Collection

Day 1 Collection:
27.54 Crore (Producer Figure) from all versions ( Hindi+ Tamil + telugu )
as shared by Fox Star Studios

26.52 Crore (Trade Figure) from all versions ( Hindi+ Tamil + telugu )
24.86 Crore  ( Hindi)
1.66 Crore ( Tamil + Telugu)

USA: $170,525 Or Rs 1.04 Crore and opened at number 9 on US charts on Thursday

This is 5th Highest Opening Day of All Time

This is Hrithik Roshan’s Highest opening day ever and Katrina Kaif’s  3rd Highest

Bang Bang Opening in Pakistan: 76.85 lacs PKR ( Producer Figure)

Bang Bang Budget: 140 Crores ( including prints and advertising)

It seems that evening and night shows were effected by dusshera celebrations which meant lower collections

Clash with Haider has hurt Bang Bang also and it had lower screens than both Kick and Singham Returns

Top 6 Opening days of All time ( Trade Figures):
Dhoom 3: 31.86 Crore
Ek Tha Tiger: 30.62 Crore
Chennai Express: 30.48 Crore
Singham Returns: 30.43 Crore
Bang Bang: 26.52 Crore
Kick: 25.99 Crore

Bang Bang will also be amongst Top 3 opening days of 2014 with Kick and Singham Returns.

Bang Bang Opening in North is at Dhoom 3 levels especially Delhi/NCR.

Bang Bang is best across Multiplexes and is by far the highest opening seen at multiplexes since Dhoom 3.

More updates to follow

Trade Figure: Means Collections found by summing up the box office collection figures provided by each cricuit distributors,exhibitors and  multiplex owners.

Producer Figure:  Official Figures given out by  producers of the movie is usually found to be higher than trade figure.

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  1. awful movie bang bang
    totally disappointed with what promos had shown
    sorry to say but don't waste ur money on such a disaster movie
    instead go haider-really heart touching


  3. sorry hrithik u r failed to copy knight and day properly

  4. hrithik tujh se nai hoga ab vivek, abishek k saath join hoja

  5. I think 'Bang-Bang' not go to #200crore club and that a way its go so not break the record of #Kick.

  6. Guys…..it was a decent attempt to remake knight and day which in itself was quite a disaster…….watch this for hrithik…who looked at his charming best

  7. bang bang is a wonderful movie..
    superb acting..thrilling stunts…and sweet loving chemistry..
    must watch!!

  8. get a life anon.
    hrithik is unbeatatble for his work in bang bang.

  9. I think u have to watch ek tha tiger man …ur best movie I think

  10. the projected score for the movie looks like to be 160-170 crore

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