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Bang Bang Box Office Budget Buzz Expectations Hype

Bang Bang  Box Office: Budget Buzz Expectations Hype

Day 1 Expectations:
30 Crore +

Trade believes that opening day would be humongous and with a 5 day extended holiday weekend it will have amazing numbers at box office.

Trade believes that if content is good than it should easily become the highest grosser of 2014.

Official numbers from Fox Star studios is that Bang Bang is made on a Budget of Rs 140 Crores including prints and advertising cost which makes its budget only second to Dhoom 3

Bang Bang vs Haider
Clash with Haider would means that opening day record might not come Bang Bang’s way

Bang Bang Buzz:
Buzz for Bang is strongest since Dhoom 3

Bang Bang Advance Booking:
Advance Bookings for Bang Bang are exceptional  and are trending towards  Top 5 levels especially in North. In mumbai and Maharashtra circuit their is a tussle for single screens and profit sharing issues which meant that single screens advances has opened late

Fox Star is trying to open Bang Bang in 4500  Screens Worldwide  ( for Hindi + Telugu +Tamil) exact screen count would be known later.