Khoobsurat Eleven Days Worldwide Box Office Collection : Low Second Monday

Khoobsurat Eleven Days Box Office Collection

Second Monday:
0.82 Crore

Eleven Days:
22.41 Crore (Trade Figure)

Worldwide: 45.3 Crores Gross

Khoobsurat did well in UK and Pakistan to have a good overseas gross and is 10th Highest grossing movie overseas in 2014

Khoobsurat Was Highest Grosser amongst all old and new releases in second week and was ahead of Dawaat e ishq

First Week (India):
16.09 Crore  (Trade Figure)
19.1 Crore (Producer Figure)

Worldwide: 32.61 Crores Gross
including 4.4 Crore PKR in Pakistan

Trend for Khoobsurat is good and it has held well at low levels in multiplexes right through the week.

Difference between Dawaat E Ishq and Khoobsurat is decreasing and Khoobsirat will go over Dawaat E ishq in week 2.

1.5 Crore

1.4 Crore

1.4 Crore

1.4 Crore

Second Friday:
1.25 Crore

Second Saturday:
1.75 Crore

Second Sunday:
2.5 Crore
Khoobsurat  fell on Monday but has held better than Dawat E ishq and should close the gap between two films.

4.77 Crore (Trade Figure)

First weekend of Khoobsurat is outside of top 20 opening weekends of 2014.

Khoobsurat is working best in Delhi/NCR and is ahead of Dawaat E Ishq here

Day 2:
3.12 Crore  (Trade Figure)
3.74 Crore (Producer Figure)

Day 1 : 
2.5 Crore (Trade Figure)
2.74 Crore (Producer Figure)

First day of Khoobsurat was outside of top 20 opening days of 2014

Khoobsurat had very little star appeal and a first time hero which is the reason for such a low start.

Khoobsurat did its best in Delhi and Mumbai Multiplexes  but the clash with Dawaat E ishq hurt it.

Overall khoobsurat was ahead of Dawaat E Ishq in multiplexes marginally  but was behind in single screens and mass centers.

In mass centers presence of aditya roy kapoor meant that dawaat e ishq was a bigger starter

Khoobsurat collected $123,295 or Rs  75 lakhs on its opening day and was ahead of Dawaat E ishq in overseas

Budget: 24 Crores including  advertising cost

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