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Kick Three Weeks (21 Days) Worldwide Box Office Collection : 2nd Highest All time

Kick Twenty One Box Office Collection 

Salman Khan in Kick

Day 21 Collection
Rs 64 lacs

3 Weeks Total:
214.16 Crore Nett (Trade Figure)
229 Crore Nett   (Producer Figure)

Kick has been severely hit by  Entertainment which caused the drop in week 3 and will drop to very low numbers post Singham Returns Release in its Week 4

Kick is now number 2 on 100 Crore movies in India.

Kick is number 4 on all time Top 10 Bollywood Movies Worldwide list.

Overall the Third Week collections were hit heavily due to big opposition by entertainment and are much lower than that of Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 and 3 Idiots.

Third Week Collections have dropped by 80% from week 2

Day 20 Collection:
Rs 84 Lacs ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.1 Crore (Producer Figure)

Total after 20 days
Rs 213.52 Crore ( Trade Figure)
Rs 228.08 Crore  (Producer Figure)

350.71 Crore gross ( Trade Figure)
369.73 Crore (producer Figure)

Kick has beaten Chennai Express and is now 2nd Highest Grossing movie of All time in India behind Dhoom 3 by both Trade and Producer Figure.

In worldwide collections Kick is however less than Chennai Express due to lower performance in overseas.

Kick has been hit severely by release of entertainment which has caused it to lose a vast number of its screens and shows.

Kick is now highest grossing Salman Khan film in India as well as worldwide.

Kick now has $11 Mn  Gross in overseas and is in All Time Top 10 in overseas however it is well short of Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 in overseas.

Day Wise Collections Breakup

Week 3:
Third Tuesday:
Rs 92 Lacs ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.35 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Monday
Rs 1 Crore ( Trade Figure)
Rs 1.69 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Sunday
Rs 3.31 Crore ( Trade Figure)
Rs 3.92 Crore (Producer Figure)

Third Saturday
2.27 Crore (Trade Figure)
2.94 Crore (Producer Figure )

Third Friday:
1.97 Crore (Producer Figure)
1.69 Crore ( Trade Figure)

Week 2:
3.8 Crore

3.89 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
3.91 Crore ( Producer Figure)

3.97 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
4.21 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Monday Collection:
4.73 Crore ( Trade Figure)
5.08 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Sunday: 13.53 Crore nett Trade Figure
Sunday: 14.18 Crore nett Producer Figure
Friday: Rs 8.32 Crore (Trade Figure)
Friday: Rs 9.22 Crore (Producer Figure)
Saturday: Rs 10.62 Crore (Producer Figure)
Saturday:  Rs 9.72 Crore (Trade Figure)

Second weekend:
31.57 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
34.02 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Week 1:
Producer figure breakup:
Thursday: Rs 15.4 Crore

Wednesday: 21.66 Crore
Tuesday: 28.89 Crore

Monday : 14.41 Crore
Sunday: 30.18 Crore
Saturday 27.15 Crore
Friday: 26.4 Crore

Trade figure breakup:
Thursday: 8.32 Crore
Wednesday: 20.33 Crore

Tuesday: 26.02 Crore
Monday : 13.16 Crore
Sunday: 30.04 Crore

Saturday 25.98 Crore
Friday: 25.99 Crore

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  2. Yuvraj4 hours ago|ReplyKickpositives-1. After cccc its Salman’s first solo hero movie where he didnt take off his shirt.2. limited fight scene unlike jai ho.3. Fantastic dialouge delivery by all 3 male actors.4. jaqulene looks best in this movie if we compare her allmovies.5. songs r supeb.6. as a debutant good work by saazid.7. Salman’s expressions r too good in this movie.8. last 35 minuts take it another level of Emotional feelings this feeling lack in todays movies.negative-1. jumme ki raat hai and yaar naa milesong placement- its better ifthey resembles these song with devil’s loots.2. cartoon scene in first half- this scene reminds us partner 3 idiots. write with both hands,clicking his eye when born, doesnt look funnythats y i gave 4/5 to kick.talk about logic.1. train scene- y did he throw cycle first?ans- how can he cross track with riding on bicycle thats y he throw cycle first.2. if he was 40 year oldhow he becomes police.ans-he leave 32 jobs who knows he did jobas a inspector in one of those.and if munna can become doctor y our devicant inspector.and they talking about logic.Salman movies r not totaly brainless may be ur i.q. is much higher to understand his movies logic.a review of kick by without brain humanYuvraj.349Like / Dislike

  3. congrtzzzzzzzz salman sir,love u ,u olwaz rocks n wl

  4. mujh par ek ehsan karna k mujh par koi ehsan na karna is best

  5. Fuck you srk fans…. and yes chennai express Deepika ki wajah se chali… Agar hero rajpal yadav hota to bhi kama leti….

  6. admin tran adrash declare it all time blockbuster

  7. Kick is really better than Chennai express

  8. salman khan naam hi kafi hai film hit hone ki liye chahe story jo v ho

  9. Superb…. I like that….I always say like you…

  10. Salman Says-Life me teen chijo ko kavi underestimate mat karna I me and Myself….. Mujhpar ek ehsan karna ki mujhpar koi ehsan na karna… Mere bare me itna mat socho,dil me aata hu samjh me nahi…. Like these dialogs…..

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