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Kick Fifteen Days Worldwide Box Office Collection: 3rd Highest All Time.

Kick Fifteen Days Box Office Collection 

Salman Khan in Kick

Day 15 ( Third Friday):
1.97 Crore (Producer Figure)
1.69 Crore ( Trade Figure)

Total till day 15:
205.18 Crore ( Trade Figure)
217.08 Crore (Producer Figure)

Worldwide: 338.04 Crore gross

Kick has dropped significantly due to release of entertainment on its third friday.

It is now 3rd Highest Grossing Bollywood Movie in India behind Only Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express and should beat Chennai express in this week itself.

Kick is now number 3 on All Time highest grossing movies in India.

Kick is number 4 on all time Top 10 Hindi Movies Worldwide list.

All weekdays  have been decent and have stayed above the 3 Crore mark which is very good.

Kick is now highest grossing Salman Khan film in India as well as worldwide

Kick now has $10.25 Mn  Gross in overseas and is in All Time Top 10 in overseas however it is well short of Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 in overseas.

Day Wise Collections Breakup
Week 2:
3.8 Crore

3.89 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
3.91 Crore ( Producer Figure)

3.97 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
4.21 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Monday Collection:
4.73 Crore ( Trade Figure)
5.08 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Sunday: 13.53 Crore nett Trade Figure
Sunday: 14.18 Crore nett Producer Figure
Friday: Rs 8.32 Crore (Trade Figure)
Friday: Rs 9.22 Crore (Producer Figure)
Saturday: Rs 10.62 Crore (Producer Figure)
Saturday:  Rs 9.72 Crore (Trade Figure)

Second weekend:
31.57 Crore  ( Trade Figure)
34.02 Crore ( Producer Figure)

Week 1:
Producer figure breakup:
Thursday: Rs 15.4 Crore

Wednesday: 21.66 Crore
Tuesday: 28.89 Crore

Monday : 14.41 Crore
Sunday: 30.18 Crore
Saturday 27.15 Crore
Friday: 26.4 Crore

Trade figure breakup:
Thursday: 8.32 Crore
Wednesday: 20.33 Crore

Tuesday: 26.02 Crore
Monday : 13.16 Crore
Sunday: 30.04 Crore

Saturday 25.98 Crore
Friday: 25.99 Crore

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