Top 10 Hollywood Movies in 2014 by Worldwide Box Office Collection

Top 10 Hollywood Movies in 2014 by Box Office Collection

Here is the list of Top 10 Hollywood Movies 2014 by Box Office collection Worldwide so far by Gross Collections. This list is contains only English movies which are highest grossing worldwide releases in usa. Here is the complete list . 

Movie Name

Box Office Collection (World)

Transformers 4$1.087 Billion
Guardians of the Galaxy$771.8 Million
Maleficient$757.8 Million
X-Men: Days of Future Past$746 Million
Captain America 2$714.1 Million
Amazing Spiderman 2$709 Million
Dawn of Planet of Apes$708.3 Million
How To Train Your Dragon 2$618.9 Million
Interstellar$594.3 Million
Hunger Games-Mockingjay-1$564.2 Million

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