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Sabotage Review (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Sabotage Rating: 3/5

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Sabotage Movie Review

Ratings:3/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site:Times Of India (TOI)

While the screenplay tries to steer towards intrigue (is there a rat in the team?) and suspense, it sometimes veers towards schlock. Ayer sure doesn’t hold back when it comes to mixing blood and gore with the crudeness of the task force. They’re never too far away from trouble after the drinks have gotten too much. And while you will get to see Schwarzenegger blow up bad guys aplenty in glorious detail, we also learn that he has a backstory, which has repercussions in the present day. Schwarzenegger fans will enjoy this action fest, as this is undoubtedly his vehicle all the way.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Tanya Ramayni Site:Bookmyshow

If you love watching action movies with a massive amount of blood and gore, you will not be disappointed. The crime scenes are insanely gruesome. It might make the weak-hearted uncomfortable enough to squirm in our chair. An out-and-out commercial film, Sabotage celebrates Arnold Schwarzenegger at his best. Watch the film if you are looking for an intense crime-drama. Minus the gore level, Sabotage will hold your attention all the way through. But don’t get misled by the pimped up promos of the movies. There is little about drug cartels or drug mafias.

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