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300: Rise of an Empire Review

300 Part 2 Rating: 3.25/5

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300: Rise of an Empire Movie Review

Rajeev Masand did not review 300
Ratings:4/5 Review By: Gavin Rasquinha Site:Times Of India

Xerxes himself, looking like he has emerged from a gold bath and resplendent in various piercings, is relegated to a few booming sentences. The blood and gore is off the scale; warriors are hacked and cleaved in glorious CGI detail. Part-vamp and part-warrior princess in leather, Green is stunning as Artemisia. The film itself looks fantastic, awash in a red-sepia tone that dominates everything. Although you will have seen many action films set during a point of time in history (this one’s set in 480 BC), there is plenty in here to keep your attention from start to finish.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Andre Borges Site:DNA

‘300 – Rise of an Empire’ is a step up from its predecessor in terms of story-line, acting and fighting sequences. Although the first movie focused more on the battles, the gore and the blood, this movie instead focuses more on the story-telling, the events that lead up to the first movie and well, of course, there’s a fair amount of blood and gore as well. Bottom-line, the film exhibits a substantially better story-line, great performances from the cast, a slew of familiar faces from the first film and obviously excellent visuals.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Tushar Joshi Site:DNA

Those expecting those slow motions fights and intense battle scenes won’t be disappointed. In fact this time around we also get a lot of literature on the backstory and where these characters come from. If you suffered from a 300 hangover long enough to lust for another round of some exotic imagery and blood curling sword fights then Rise of the Empire is the prime ticket this weekend.

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Ratings:3.5/5 Review By: Juhi Matta Site:Bookmyshow

This movie is also not for people looking for an original plot. Much of 300: Rise of an Empire is a mere retelling of the events of 300. It’s also like its predecessor, in the fact that there’s almost no character development. In fact, the only character who’s actually fleshed out is the antagonist. 300: Rise of an Empire is visually-stunning and a must-watch for anyone who liked 2006′s 300. Though it’s not as good as its predecessor, it’s still an entertaining movie. Action movie fans, in particular, are bound to enjoy this flick.

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Ratings:2.5/5 Review By: Mihir Fadnavis Site:Mid Day

Is the action any good? Hell yes. The pitch sea battles are stunning, as is the thumping music that accompanies them. That way the film is never boring. It’s the exact same structure of the first film, and there’s even an Ocean version of the Hot Gates. The action sequences are certainly not as iconic as the ones in 300, barring one where in a huge uncut take Themistocles horse rides across three ships and battles Artemisia.  It’s when you want to tell director Noam Murro dude just give us the action, not the lame and boring attempts at character development.

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Ratings:3/5 Review By: Guy Lodge Site:Timeout Mumbai

Even lighter on story than Zack Snyder’s 2007 predecessor, with an even more imposing array of beardy-yet-waxed male specimens on display, 300: Rise of an Empire essentially cops to being an equal-opportunity drool-fest: as homoerotic or empoweringly macho as you want it to be, with more women in play this time round. It’s flesh and carnage that the audience is here to see, and Murro delivers it by the glistening ton, pausing only for stray bits of back-story

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Ratings:– Review By: Jack Coyle(A.P) Site:NDTV

The glistening abs are back in 300: Rise of an Empire, and they’ve been doing crunches. Like its forerunner, the 2007 hit 300, Rise of an Empire again plunges us into bloody, hyper-stylized Greek history: mythology with muscles. The computer-generated warfare franchise is now a third of the way to a six-pack. Made clearly to capitalize on the popularity of 300, Rise of an Empire is something like collected behind-the-scenes from the Persian invasion featured in 300.

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  1. 300: Rise of an Empire is a Good film but i think the original film "300" was way much better.

  2. 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE: A Guilty Pleasure! And a fight for glory glorified!! [3/5]

    Do not judge me if I find the atrociously murderous but fascinatingly choreographed, performed and designed battle sequences in Noem Murro’s photographic textbook in visual effects ‘300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE’ beautiful, awe-striking and totally engaging. As much as its super-successful predecessor, this latest in series too rides high on the finesse in the visual part where most of the elements are imagined, created and celebrated on highly resourceful ‘gigantic in efficiency’ graphic machines.

    300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE is not a typical sequel movie. It does not try to connect from where the earlier was left. Instead, it throws you in different zones on the same timeline to tell you a new missed or ‘deliberately forgotten’ plot. Bathed in gold, Xerxes of Persia [A stylish fanatic played by Rodrigo Santoro] is returned from the pit of darkness as an invincible power of wrath & vengeance. His only reason to walk the path is to turn Greece into ashes in want to revenge his father’s death. Though the vocal medium is sure of his, words are clearly marked properties of Artemisia [The beautified version of evil forces played by Eva Green]. To ensure a good combat, there is Themistocles [Sullivan Stapleton] of Athens who doesn’t rest to leave any stone unturned to bring all of Greece states under one banner but as we recall from the earlier, the 300 of Spartans have been butchered by the enemy strength and now, the only hope is to fight till you die.

    Jam-packed with impressive slow-motion shots with eagle-eye of detailing captured beautifully to enhance 3-dimensional viewing, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE is a guilty pleasure to enjoy excessive blood & gore war scenes where men are getting beheaded every now and then; one lifeless head even gets a smooch in one freaky scene, blood spatters like water in the shower and thousands are being slashed, sliced and slit in the name of glory. Considering a great job at the VFX table, film looks amazing in every frame. Action sequences are hysterically breathtaking. But where it hurts the most, is the unfulfilled requirement of a good storyline. It doesn’t rise up from a regular revenge drama with its own share of sacrifices, motivational speeches and abiding hunger of total power.

    On the performances, there is nothing much to do for Rodrigo Santoro but whenever he appears on screen, you feel all charged up with what comes next. Eva Green as the evil-head Artemisia is first rate. Sullivan Stapleton carries off well in the lead role but somewhere down the line, you end up looking for a Gerard Butler in him. And that gets unsatisfactory for fans! Even though the second part falls shorter of whistle-blowing moments than in first part, this chiseled body- all shaved up men’s encounter never runs out of thrilling moments. Watch out to get mesmerized by glorified action sequences and superbly executed visual graphics. Do not look for more than what it promises and you’ll not be dissatisfied. Extremely Watchable! [3/5]

  3. 300 rise of empire is awesum movie must watch guys

  4. watch watch watch

  5. 3.5/5 is given to a movie thats nothing how much u would give to the classic 300 then 4 or 4.5 i think this movie is a 3/5 movie that too stretching my loyalty to the most.but it does look half baked aethenians looking lean and emancipated suddenly become lively at the thought of battle people who would be better educated than take up swords.they try to impersonate spartans but those moments are far and between.gud mov couldnt except much considering the naval history and the limit to imagination.waiting for part 3 where spartans will join then for final battle against xerxes after death of artemis n greek unity

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